Sunday, August 4, 2013

Star Kin: Whale Farts

*wipes up your drool* How beautiful was that? What WAS that? That my friend, was Whale Farts created by Star Kin.

For my manicure with Whale Farts, I layered it over OPI DS Fantasy for a deep shimmery ocean base.
As soon as I opened up my mail from Star Kin my partner said "YOU HAVE TO PUT THIS ONE ON RIGHT NOW!", but I already had a stunning mani on and can't change until it chipped. Well, it finally chipped!

I do have to admit that I am new to using these types of polishes, glittery ones I mean. So if you have any advice on how to fish the wonderful glitters out, please share with us! I feel like I didn't show Whale Farts at her best due to my lack of knowledge. However, my 2yr olds loved looking at the glitter and labelling the colours they could see.

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