Saturday, October 31, 2009

Becoming a Make-Up Artist : Paradisco, DreamMaker and Dainty

This is a practice look I did for my sister yesterday, I really wanted to try my new colours!

I think they look really good with her colours.

I started with Soft Ochre paint pot then applied DreamMaker over the whole lid. Followed by Paradisco just on the outer side of the lid.

I tried Trax on the other eye but it looked like she had tripped and nicked her eye on a table corner on the way down. Not the best colour for my fair sister.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Becoming A Make-Up Artist: New Eyeshadows!

I went a little crazy at MAC recently after we have been getting into a bit more creative make-up styles.

I've been making a sort of scrapbook of all the make-up styles I like in magazines and facecharts i've made up. It's all so incredibly exciting!

Let's take a look:


What an amazing orange! It's that perfect 'fruit juice' orange with a golden shine. Everytime I saw this on display I had to pick it up and try it on my hand. Luckily the MAC store still had one today!


Another shade that blows me away. Haunting has always attracted me like Off The Page. I can't wait to try this on tomorrow.


I'm not too sure where this one came from.... I have a feeling from that eyeshadow collection MAC brought out earlier this year. I can't remember the name sorry -__-". DreamMaker was the sparkliest and strongest gold I could find and amazingly it was the last one!


How long have I been eyeing this one up? Too long to remember. I love peaches/mangos with that golden sheen.


Love at first sight with this one! A nice plummy maroon again with that attracting golden sheen. I think Mum has this one too.


Aqua is a very pastel turqoise. I looked it up on MAC's site but couldn't find it... So i'm not sure whats going on there.


I picked up Yogurt because I thought it would make a really good base colour. It is also more pink than Bisque.


Another shade I thought would be good for a base colour. More beige than Yogurt.

You know whats crazy? I never wear eyeshadows and here I am buying all of these >_<

Monday, October 26, 2009

Becoming a Make-up Artist : Lots of Inspiration!

Today we learnt about all the different skin colours and races and which colours and tones best suit them.

For example, every skin colour under the sun could wear pink eyeshadow but for fair skin it may be a light pastel pink and for darker skin it may be a darker crimson pink.

So far we have learnt nude make-up in dewy and matte finishes, day make-up, ethnic make-up and eyelash and brow tinting/shaping.

This week we are learning male, rockstar and evening make-up. We are also doing something with a hairdryer near the end of the week. I must say hair styling isn't my strongest field lol. I sort of drift off and get extremely bored with it.

I am going home this weekend so that means more photo posts! I think I will have one on the eyebrow/lash tinting and shaping and a whole heap of others on new MAC stuff.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

MAC Baby Goth Girl

I would firstly like to aplogise for the lack of posts! It's been quite hard to get on the computer lately and when I could, Blogger was having problems T_T But here we are! With
MAC's Baby Goth Girl.
I don't really understand the name that much but who cares it's a beautiful, special and unique shade. So special it's pretty hard to capture with my camera.

Baby Goth Girl is opaque in two coats. The formula has a nice quality to it, neither thin nor thick and I just love black based polishes with sparkles.

Baby Goth Girl is black based with purple, maroon and pink fine shimmer that has its duochrome moments when it turns gold and orange. She also has orange flakies scrattered throughout.

MAC's Style Black collection has been pretty popular so I reckon you should jump at the chance to grab this one if it sounds like a bit of you :D

Coming up shortly I have MAC's Nude Rose lipstick and lipstick comparisons, MAC's Dazzleglass Perfectly Unordinary and a whole heap more!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MAC Blot Powder + Greasepaint Stick

This pressed blot powder is amazing. AMAZING.
I have super oily skin thanks to my dads side of the family (at least I won't get wrinkly as quick!), so keeping my make-up stay put and matte is a real mission.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chanel Jade

I know I tried frankening this, but it just wasn't the same!

Chanel's Jade was only released in special Chanel boutiques and make-up stores or something. New Zealand doesn't have one. So a friend in the states helped me track one down. I am so greatful.

Perfect formula. Nice thickness to it and it flows on smoothly. The brush is ok but would be better if the bristles weren't so fricken long, if they were shorter they would be more firm making it easier to control it.

I used two thin-ish coats here. If it were a real manicure I would've used another coat just to make sure I cover everything completely.

When it came in the mail my partner was having a look at it and quite liked the shimmer Jade had lol. I then asked dad what he thought of green nails showing him Jade on one, "Cool!" he told me. Haha, at least he doesn't ask mum to wear red or boring sheers.

The verdict? I wouldn't change a single thing about Jade. Chanel did well.

That Competition I was talking about!

I was unsure whether to do another competition but then I came across a store that was open on a sunday and they had fantastic nail art stuff!

So the competition is that you have to submit to me a nautical themed mani. Send it to with the subject as 'Nautical Comp' or something along those lines :D

It is open to everyone! Use whatever you like to create it. Starts 18th October ends 31st October.

The prizes are shown in the photo here :D A good variety for any nail artist!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

~♥- Lolita Nail Art -♥~

This is a design I wore a few days ago. I seem to do nail art when I am really happy.

A girl asked me if I had tattooed my nails......

I started with two coats of Color Club Wheres The Soiree. I was going for a Halloween look but OPI In My Back Pocket didn't stand out enough for me so I opted for Konad's white.

I love lace, bows and rhinestones. So here they all are :D But on my left hand I had a pink rhinestone instead of blue.

A really simple and easy look to do.

I also feel another nail art competition coming on... Maybe nautical themed...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Becoming a Make-Up Artist : Is Tiring -___-

So in the first week we have learnt; skin care basics (cleanse, tone, moisterise), skin types, nude make-up, french braids, french braids outwards and the fish tail hairstyle.

We did the hair styling today and now my fingers are aching! Also my tail bone... I think I pushed it in again... Lucky I came home this weekend and have a spa pool to finx my muscles!

Some fantastic mail came this week:
  • Chanel Jade
  • China Glaze Fortune Teller
  • Wet n Wild Glitz
  • Orly Chai Latte
  • Sinful (I think) Nail Junkie (love the name of this)
So! I will be taking photos of these this weekend.

Next week we are learning eyebrow and eyelash tinting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Different Nail Polish Finishes

Creme - a colour that has no shimmer/glitter/holo. Often mistaken as Matte. Take a look at OPI Gotta Get Pink!

Matte - A polish that dries matte, no shiny. Please do not get Creme and Matte mixed up :D
Neons often dry matte. Take a look at Matte Grape

Holographic - A polish that has rainbow coloured glitter and they look amazing in the sun! Take a look at Worth The Risque or under the 'Holographic' label :)

Holographic Glitter - A polish that has scattered pieces of glitter than shine different colors of the rainbow. Take a look at OPI Text Me Text You

Shimmer - A polish that has little bits of different coloured shimmer to the base or very similar to the base colour. These can vary quite a lot. Take a look at Misa No Shrinking Violetta and Superstitious or Pretty and Privileged

Frosted - A very smooth and fine shimmer. Take a look at OPI Suzi & The Lifeguard and Tangerine Scene for an example

Pearl - Similar to Frosted but has a somewhat pearl quality to it. Take a look at Misa Little Tease

Glitter - A polish that has chunks of glitter, often bigger and grittier than shimmer. Take a look at Cherry Much In Love, Emerald Sparkle or Midnight Blue Glitter

Duo-chrome - A nail polish that often flashes different colours. Take a look at OPI Tahoe Topaz and Santee Rainbow Pink

Irridescent - A shimmer in a polish that is often a different colour. Take a look at OPI Yokohama Twilight

Jelly - a translucent polish, usually very very shiny and creme. Take a look at Zoya Morgan.

Neon - a super bright polish that usually dries matte. If they are sheer, you can layer them over a white. Take a look at Pure Energy, The Grass Is Greener On My Side or Pink Flame

Sheer - a polish that is usually used for French Manicures, designed to show the white tip. Take a look at Ready To Wear, Bailey and I'm Yours.

If there are any I have forgotten or there is anything you would like me to explain, feel free to ask :D

NOTE: I will be updating the links shortly to newer photos.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Becoming A Make-Up Artist: Day 3 - Girl Gets Severely Attacked in Alley Way

Today we got to play with Special Effects!

It all seemed a bit intimidating at first but then once we had a big play around and experimented with everything it was good fun.

I took some photos with my phone but they turned out crap, so camera everyday to school from now on!

Our tutor decided that in the afternoon we would pair up with another couple from the other make-up class and create a scenario with a victim. So we decided that our victim would be brutally attacked in an alley way. She had cuts and bruises, black eyes, broken knuckles, grazes, swollen hands, the whole shebang.

Some of the other scenarios were:

  • A boy was hanging out in the woods and he got attacked by a werewolf then he was starting to turn into one.
  • A girl was trying to do a 'deal' but it didn't go down well so she tried to make a run for it but the other girl beat her up really good. The victim had massive grazes, cuts, bruises all over the show.
  • What was another one... Oh yeah, she was in a car crash and went flying head first I think. She had glass in all of her cuts which was quite clever.

It was a lot of fun learning how to make these things and playing with fake blood. Tomorrow we will be learning about skin care, skin types and doing patch tests to see if we are all ok with the chemicals we will be using.

So far so good! Who knew becoming a make-up artist would be so adventurous.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Becomming a Make-Up Artist: Day One

Well, not much happening on day one other than boring paper work and meeting classmates your going to spend a year with. On the intro day there were about 50 people and some of the people that were there that I knew would drive me nuts were amazingly spilt into another class. Yuss.

Then I found out that we get to have a squiz round the major make-up counters like MAC, Napoleon Perdis etc. Then! I found out that we get a special card for MAC that gives us a discount! :D

Then! We get to do a photoshoot for Geisha/Kabuki later in the year. My fascination for Geisha and Japanese make-up is just way up their with my fascintation for polishes.

I already have a bright blue/canary yellow yukata. I am just going crazy over all the ideas and different things that I could do with that.

We also get to design costumes, accessories, whatever! I am wondering why I chose nails before make-up n_n;
No doubt I will b showing you some of my photoshoots and costumes that I create. It is so exciting. So amazing.

To top that, I purchased MAC's Baby Goth Girl polish this afternoon. It looks pink/purple shimmer in a black base with golden/orange flakies. I cannot wait to try it! And of course, show you guys this weekend.

Today is good. I will be scribbling ideas down all night in my book.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Franken! Help me name it ;--:?

I'm so excited to go back to my new home. We had to move again because the people who got us in did the dirty on us. Our first rental together too :( Oh well! We found the most perfect apartment and roommate anyway! n_n

So I was craving a peach polish this weekend but being at my parents home, I have no polishes with me... so I had a sparkly pink franken and a bottle of Tangerine Scene.

So many colours were put into this franken I can barely remember half of them :( Sorry guys. It's not too difficult to franken a peach to your likings anyway.

That's what I like about frankening, you make it so it suits you! None of this seeing beautiful photos of it then buying it and finding out it looks like crap on you.

Please help me pick a name? I loved your suggestions last time! The only un-creative name I can suggest is Peach Ball... because you know, summer and all.... Ok, please help me.

OPI Sacramento Pimento .•:*¨¨*:•.

Love at first sight and an instant favourite.

I really wish this wasn't discontinued, otherwise I would have 2 or 3 back-ups!

Sacramento Pimento is just lovely to look at. The golden shimmer is so fine it looks like its glowing all the time.

I have a special love for Peaches, Apricots and Corals too... So I couldn't leave it at the store.

Sacramento Pimento is from that California collection which was only released in Australia about 8 or 9 years ago.

The formula is one of the best I have come across. Smooth, thin quick drying. All you need is two coats.

The store also had Yosemite and Californian Navel which I believe are from the same collection :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Zoya Malia

I wasn't too fussed on Malia when it was first released, but when I was setting it up at the Beauty Expo it just looked really amazing. I know it has no shimmers or glimmers but cremes can look fantastic too :D

All it takes for Malia to be opaque is two coats.

I much prefer Malia over OPI Do You Lilac It or OPI Done Out In Deco. I think Malia is the best shade out of those to suit my skin.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

MAC Make-up!

Well the sun has start to come out and i've been spending a lot more time outside so I went to MAC recently and found out that i've changed from my winter skin NW15 to my summer skin NC20 :D

Also Mum was very kind in giving me Fun N' Sexy from the Fafi collection. She didn't like the glitteryness and the blue flash, but I'm all for exciting lips colours!

We also had a trade, Sweet Thing for Patisserie. Patisserie I've almost worn every single day since I got it. It's pretty much the same colour as my lips but sort of defines the lines of my lips (if you know what I mean) and gives them a nice shine.

Why the random lipstick spam? Well, I love looking at photos of them deciding whether or not I should get them, so i'm hoping I will be aiding someone else :)

Did I tell you that I'm starting my make-up course in 8 or so days? I'm quite nervous! At the intro day there weren't people like in my nail class... But I suppose only half the class showed up so there might be!

What to wear on day one? (mani wise) We have to wear black everyday... for 34 weeks! >_<