Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Glitter Gal Holographic in Nude NEW COLLECTION!

Glitter Gal is at it again! Releasing more holographic shades that we are bound to love. It's so hard to not be mesmerised (didn't Essie do a polish called that?) by a holo.

I went to a ball the other night, it was for the Queen's Jubilee and it was held by the New Zealand Army (I think). I kind of went on a blind date with one of the soldiers. AW MAN, what a nice guy. He was from Scotland. I will leave it at that or this post will turn into something else...

And of course your nails have to look nothing less than stunning at a ball! So I chose to wear Glitter Gal's Nude holographic polish. It was nice because my dress was azure blue silk and I didn't want anything to be too clash-y with it. My jewellery was silver, quite large too, with blue topaz coloured gemstones, so I didn't want my nails to compete with the dress or jewellery. I don't think I could have picked anything better than Glitter Gal Nude for the night.

There is something different about the smell and texture of Glitter Gal holographic polishes, I must say. I actually quite like it. The texture is very smooth and... it feels like half-melted honey to me or something. It's like when you're spreading a big chunk of Nutella onto your warm piece toast and it goes from being kind of hard to oh so soft and smooth. Glitter Gals also don't smell overly chemically. I like it.

Seriously, I just want to leave Nude sitting on my window sill so I can stare at it all day. Do you ever have those moments when you've picked a colour to paint your nails, you paint them, and you think to yourself "this is one of the best decisions I've made today"? I had one of those moments with Nude.

This is two coats of Nude. You can keep building and building up the intensity of holo with this one. It's also a good one for layering over other colours as it doesn't contain a base colour, just sparkles.

One, sweet, dainty coat of Nude.

Here's two coats of Nude.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

More Great Color Club Sales for NZ!

Just thought I would take a quick break from my uni work and tell you about these great offers Color Club has for us:

Wicked Sweet 12 Piece Display - $1.00

Wicked Sweet Mini Pack - $9.90

Untamed Luxury Diamond 7 Pack - $19.00

Femme Fatale Mini Pack - $9.90


Copy Coats 6 Pack - $9.95!

Let me know if you decide to get anything or have any questions!