Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nail Art: The Hunger Games

Today I have a manicure to show you that is inspired by the book trilogy, Hunger Games. I think the first movie has just come out or is about to come out. I'm all booked to go and see it a day before my birthday! 

For this gradient I used two lovely Misa's called Under My Sunbrella and Endless Keys. These guys were released last year in Misa's summer collection Paradise Shore.

To create this manicure I started with a coat of yellow followed by orange just dabbed on the tips. The formula of these two polishes made it very easy to blend.

These polishes are quite sheer though. This is a huge benefit when doing manicures like this though! I kept adding layers in the order of yellow/orange/yellow/orange. Only painting the yellow half way down the nail though and slowly bringing the orange up on each coat.

This is how I envisioned Katniss's nails and dress to look when she entered the Hunger Games.

Can't wait for the movie! :D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rimmel Quick Dry Polish Illusion

I don't know if there are any other advertising nuts or optical illusion nuts like me out there in the nail world... But I had to share! An instalment Rimmel set up to advertise their quick dry polishes.

I want one for my room!

Misa Precious Moments Spring Collection 2012

Precious Moments was love at first sight.
Jelly, nude, mauve, minty blue AND a possible Essie Neo-Whimsical dupe?!

Bed Of Roses
What a happy looking nail polish! Bed of Roses reminds me of lip gloss or popsicles, so summery and juicy looking! The first swatch is with two coats and the second having three coats. 

 Sweet Thing
I cannot tell you how long I have been searching for a pale lavender or mauve nail polish. I've been through Essie's Lilacism and Nice is Nice, but they both missed the mark. Sweet Thing is everything I have been after.

 Little Hands
My camera decided that it wouldn't photograph Little Hands in all her glory. It most definitely isn't this chalky looking. It's like... a slightly neon hybrid cross of Essie Mint Candy Apple and China Glaze For Audrey. The bottom photo is what it looks like, but in the sun... If you get what I mean... Little Hands is not a colour to be ignored.

Someone Like You
I always have a soft spot for nudes. Someone Like You is a red toned nude and is very flattering on different skin tones. It reminds me of OPI's Miso Happy and Let Them Eat Rice Cake. Very subtle, chic and work appropriate.

Pinky Promise
It's really hard to choose a favourite from this collection but I think Pinky Promise may be it. I just love milky pinks. I have a comparison between Pinky Promise and Essie's Neo Whimsical that I will be posting shortly.

Note: There was another polish in this collection called Deep Breath that I didn't get. Deep Breath looks to be a light neutral grey creme.

Precious Moments - Overall Thoughts

Formula: this collection was great. They all have that nice thickness, not too thin but not too gluggy either. The polishes give a lot of coverage in minimal coats. The only one that needed more than two was Bed Of Roses, but you can keep layering on the coats til the cows come home with that one. I really had forgotten how lovely Misa polishes are.

Colours: Precious Moments definitely sings Spring but I love the unusual choices of Little Hands and Bed Of Roses. They stop the collection from just being a Spring pastel palette. Which wouldn't even be that bad because I am over the moon with them all anyway. My Mum and Sister have all tried these on too and (they are lighter and darker, redder than me) the colours looked just as pretty and feminine on them.

These are available now and you can buy them from Misa's website, TransDesign, and Head2Toe Beauty.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Mint Candy Apple is a part of Essie's main line after being released for the holidays a few years ago.

The formula is ok, a little on the streaky side and needs 3 coats to even out.

It is much greener and slightly chalkier than China Glaze For Audrey.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Orly Bonder AKA: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Or maybe in our case, it should be Best Thing Since Fast Dry Topcoat?.../lamejoke

Now that I think about... what is so great about sliced bread? ...

Today I have one of Orly's many treatments to show you, Bonder. A special rubberised base coat that helps your nail polish grip on. It retails for $12.50 in New Zealand at Farmers. Which really isn't bad. It is 9ml.

I have had a lot of recommendations to try out Orly Bonder as my manicure chips within the first or 2nd day. I can tell you already, I love this stuff! I never want to be without it ever again! I have worn it with every manicure since I bought it and none have chipped. None. I usually change my nails every 3 days so I haven't tried it past that many days.

I also have a lot of peelies on my nails too as I pick and peel my nail polish off... naughty I know... but Bonder really helps even out the nail polish over them, leaving a smooth surface.

If you have had either of the same problems as me, definitely give Bonder a go! I highly recommend it.