Thursday, February 18, 2010

OPI Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool
is a teal based foil with an electric blue frost (I say frost because it leaves stroke marks that are familiar with frost finishes) also with large gold glitter.

I used 3 coats here as Reflecting Pool is a little on the sheer side.
I don't really like the look of it on my skin as it seems to pull out the red undertones.

Also I much prefer this polish to be matte so I can appreciate the glitter/foil without being distracted by the frostiness.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Manicure

This was my valentines day manicure, two coats of Bouquet and a white lace design from a konad plate.

Also a store near me was having a massive sale, Color Clubs & OPIs $7.50!

That never happens! However I restrained myself and only picked up Oooh la la and Moon over Mumbai.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

China Glaze Spellbound

This is a mani I had done when I first received Spellbound, the day before I had already worn it over a dark purple and wanted to try it over something different.

I couldn't decide whether to do black or white... so I went with both!

With Spellbound I dragged it down half-way on the nail towards the tips. I did this twice.

This manicure lasted almost 3 days! Before I got tired of it :D

Happy Valentines!

Friday, February 12, 2010

BYS Kung Fu Blue

This was my first Valentine inspired mani, not very inspired at all actually lol. I will be doing one tonight though for Valentines tomorrow :D

I'm not too sure what this colour has to do with Kung Fu...

I used two coats of BYS Kung Fu Blue. What a beautiful shade. I have worn it so many times since I got it.

The formula is pretty good, a little on the thick side though so you may want to thin it down a little.

One thing that bothers me about BYS polishes though are their smell. It smells like... I want to say petrol but it can't be since I love that lol. Smells... car related. Like some old seats in a car smell sometimes. Ugh.

I wash my hands a few times to try and get rid of it and it eventually fades.

Other than that I love Kung Fu Blue!

At the end of the post I received a new paint pot in the mail, Otherworldly. It is so amazing. It was a part of the collection where MAC teamed up with Alexander McQueen. RIP.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Revlon Tropical Teal & Guava Glam

It must have been fate to have such a crappy day learning about hairpieces and wigs that I needed to do a little shopping on my break.

Revlon has had a few nail polishes on sale for $8 for a while now and today they were $5! So I picked up Tropical Teal and Guava Glam.

The reason I picked up Tropical Teal was because I borrowed my sisters ring hoping to use it for a photo shoot coming up and I didn't quite have a nail polish that matched it.

Luckily Revlon came to my rescue. Look how pretty and shimmery it is at just two coats!

And the reason for Guava Glam was that I really liked it when it came out last Summer. I hadn't even seen it again til now!

I am really happy with both of these colours. Reviews to come shortly.

Cute ring huh? (Secretly I don't want to give it back, but I will because my sister loves it too :D)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NFU-Oh 012

Hmm I was so excited to find this in person, but I don't think it looks too flattering on my skin tone.

I used 3 coats here.

I found the formula too be a little on the thick side which made it a little hard to use seeing as it is sheer. It doesn't have a jelly quality to it. So it just looks a bit funny with a whole heap of colour yet you can still see the tips.

I think I will take it home next week and add some thinner to it.

I do like the colour of 012. I would call it a very blue baby pink. It's is that category where it could be pink or purple.

Hmm maybe I will try some ridge filler underneath next time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orly Chai Latte

I really love Chai Latte. I've never seen it before though so I'm not too sure on when it was released and if it came from a collection.

I used 3 coats here. I was having a horrible time swathing for some reason so that's why there are so many dings in the manicure lol.

Chai Latte is a non-streaky off white. I'd call it ivory or bone. Its a sheer white with a slight hint of beige to it.

I like the fact that it shows my tips, it makes them look white :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Color Club Candle Glow

I was so surprised to find a whole full stand of Color Club minis in a chemist here in New Zealand. Mind blowing.

I am very happy though that more polish brands are coming here.

This is three coats of Candle Glow. It was getting quite thick and messy in these swatches because I wasn't waiting for the coats to dry. So ignore the edges of my tips :)

So even at 3 coats you can still see my tips. I think with a coat of Zoya Get Even will make that more opaque. Candle Glow also looks very pretty and delicate over light pinks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Icing Superstitious

I remember I posted this awhile ago but that was on my hideous acrylics.

Here is Icing's Superstitious!

I don't really have any information on this colour. Like when it came out, what collection and where.

The formula is so smooth. I always like painting with this one. It is easy to control and only needs two coats for full coverage.

I love blacks with shimmers. Love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

MAC Lucky Number

I've been meaning to post Lucky Number for awhile now, but I couldn't get any nice pics!

Lucky Number was released with MAC's holiday collection for 2009, Magic, Mirth & Mischief.

It's pretty much done on one coat, but I think it needs the second just to patch it up.

The formula is similar to the China Glaze Romantiques. On the thick side but gives you amazing coverage.

I wasn't fussed at all on Lucky Number when it first came out, but after seeing it on a few of the MAC SAs I decided to get it. I'm still not interested in the silver one though. Silver doesn't look all that great on my skin tone.

I'm betting this would work well with Konad :)