Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Color Club Back To Boho Collection

This is the darker half of Color Club's Back to Boho collection, released for Fall/Autumn 2011. Boho chic is a cross between bohemian and hippy fashion, in a nutshell. Back To Boho offers you a whole Autumn/Fall nail wardrobe of vintage shades.

Left to right: Speedy Top Coat, Blue-topia, Voodoo You Do, Boho Mojo, Artsy Crafty, Nouveau Vintage and Rebel Spirit.

Boho Mojo

This reminds me of those beautifully designed art nouveau silver mirrors. I am not sure if it is what I was using as a base or not, but Boho Mojo was really watery. This is three thin coats shown here.

Nouveau Vintage

This is one of the most bizarre polishes I have come across! It's brown but green but gold but bronze...all in a sheer maroon base! This really is the image of vintage though, isn't it? It reminds me of old wooden furniture with brass hinges and handles.

Voodoo You Do

A deep gunmetal grey shimmer/frost. To me this gunmetal grey leans a little on the teal or green side of things. I feel like it was pulling my red, yet very subtle lobster tones out.

Artsy Crafty

Artsy Crafty is a great bottle green creme. Such a classy looking nail polish! Mum snagged this one as soon as she sore it! She decided to get rid of OPI Jade is the New Black because she loved this one so much more. Really smooth formula.

Rebel Spirit

When I had first tried this on at night, I thought my dreams had come true! A dark charcoal jelly! But when I tried it again in the day time, it was more of a really dark charcoal chocolate and not so jelly. It is very shiny though! I still like it. Nice smooth formula here too.


Blue-topia is a very vivid navy. It does dry a lot darker than when first applied. Mum tried it on after me and we couldn't believe we were wearing the same colour! Just a nice rich deep blue navy jelly.

Speedy Top Coat

I cannot express in words how blown away I am by this top coat! But I will try. We've all tried heaps and heaps of top coats and as the days go by you get weary of having to try something new. After trying Essie's assorted embarrassments called top coats, I didn't have high hopes for Speedy. 

But as my manicure dried and the day went on, the mind blowing just got better and better! It dries really quickly, doesn't let any denting happen, no sheet marks the morning you wake up... I'm really pleased with it. I have even chosen it over Seche Vite many times.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guest Nails: French Flake Manicure

My sister let me take a photo of her french manicure!

She used a base of Color Club Milky White Base Coat, followed by a coat of Essie Mademoiselle, topped with NFUOh 050.

Very simple and easy to do :)

Comparison: Wild and Willing vs. Pros and Bronze

When Pros and Bronze was first released, it never occurred to me that there would be something already out there like it. We hardly ever get rose gold duochromey foils! But Pros has a very close relative... Color Club's Wild and Willing.

Wearing: Pros and Bronze on pinky and middle, Wild and Willing on ring and pointer.

When looking at the bottles, you can find definite differences but once on the nail... it gets a little bit more tricky. This is both two coats of each shown here. Wild and Willing is a bit finer and has a green sheen. Pros and Bronze's pieces are a bit bigger and more sparse.

Wearing: Pros and Bronze on pinky and middle, Wild and Willing on ring and pointer.

They both share a lot of the same characteristics. They both turn gold when not in direct light. You also get more of a copper or pink shine when inside with different light sources. Wild shines green as well.

Pros and Bronze is a Serena Williams polish and is limited edition. Pretty easy to find at the moment, as is Wild and Willing. Wild was released a little while ago but it seems to be easy to find in chemists or online.

Really it all depends on what kind of foil you like and how many colours you like to see :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Color Club Wicked Sweets on Sale!

Good afternoon Kiwis! Color Club NZ currently has their Wicked Sweet polishes on sale! The set is a collection of scented polishes that smell just like their names suggest.

Wicked Sweet, Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, Get Your Lem-on, The Lime Starts Here, Raspberry Rush and Yum Gum are all only $4.90!

I Always Get My Man-darin is only $1!

Let me know if you decide to get any!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPI Samoan Sand

Samoan Sand has been around for sometime, at least a decade. I have admired it for some time, luckily for me, a bestie gave me one for Christmas.

I love it! It's a great sandy colour, a nice neutral nude creme. I don't know what collection this was originally released it. I have a feeling it just may have been one of those core OPIs from the start.

The formula is really nice. Quite smooth and creamy, dries fairly quickly. This is two coats here and you can still see my tips a little bit. You could build it up if you wanted it to be more opaque by putting more coats or layering over a ridge filler.

This guy yawning decided to cut part of his stomach open on the last day of 2011. So here he is resting up with his sister looking over him.

Do you have a perfect nude?