Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spring Wardrobe - Color Club Oh Naturale

Spring Wardrobe is a new series on Nail Juice, suggesting easy to find, beautiful polishes for Spring! Don't forget to check out the Spring Wardobe series page!

Next in the series is Color Club's Oh Naturale. This polish was released in the Pardon My French collection earlier this year, so it should still be pretty easy to find. I've seen it in quite a lot of stores.

Oh Naturale is a very light mango colour. It reminded me of the fluffy skin of a peach, or the insides of a rock melon.

Oh Naturale's partner in crime is Turn The Other Chic. I do apologise, I couldn't for the life of me find it when I was taking photos of Oh Naturale. I'll be sure to update it when I can :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spring Wardrobe - OPI It's a Girl

Spring Wardrobe is a new series on Nail Juice, suggesting easy to find, beautiful polishes for Spring! I know we still have a whole month to go, but it's never too early for polish shopping! And each time a post is made for the series, the polish will be listed on the Spring Wardrobe series page. 

To kick off the series is the time-less sheer pink. OPI's It's a Girl was released last year, but is relatively easy to find.

I think every nail wardrobe needs at least one! Sheer pinks may seem boring compared to holographics and duochromes, but you get such clean, crisp looking nails from a sheer pink.

I've got two coats on here. It's a Girl is one of the best pinks that I've come across. You can wear it at one, two or however many coats you like. It's not streaky and has an almost jelly finish. It looks cute and squishy, doesn't it?

Topped with OPI's Text Me, Text You here. This polish was released a couple of years ago but you may be able to find it at a nail salon or online.

Just a side note: I am studying again next week, so the posts may not be as frequent as they have been. But nonetheless, I still have some pretty polishes to show you :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jessica Shopping on Rodeo

Today we have Jessica's Shopping on Rodeo. This was picked up by my mum at the beauty expo. I haven't really seen Jessica around really. The guys running the business didn't seem to keen on keeping Jessica going. It's a shame because the polishes are really pretty and have a great formula.

Rodeo could be a one coater. It so could be. I only did two because I couldn't get my shaping right on the first go. The formula is something else. It is to die for. Amazing coverage, so smooth and easy to maneuver.

I did a manicure for mum not too long ago and she let me choose the colour, I chose Shopping on Rodeo. I don't think I have ever done a manicure that quick before. It was amazing!

Rodeo freaked out my camera a little bit. It is a bright fuchsia pink with an even brighter frost, along with scattered silver glitter. I didn't think the sparkles were going to work but they are a nice little surprise. Rodeo glows, radiates, illuminates... under any light source too.

Mum has two more Jessicas for me to review, so keep an eye out :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rockstar Franken - The Ballad of Gay Tony

I have been wanting to make a franken like this for the longest time! My boyfriend and I have been playing GTA: Episodes from Liberty City. We've finished The Ballad of Gay Tony and are now onto The Lost and Damned (franken coming up soon for that one too!). Grand Theft Auto has to be one of my most favourite games of all time, even if all I do is drive a bus around.

Gay Tony is all about the night life! He owns several night clubs in Liberty City.

Yusuf probably needs his own polish made! He loves everything to be in gold

Mori is just as enthusiastic as his brother Brucie, if not more!

I hope you enjoyed that post! I've got a load stacked up to be posted.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spring Wardrobe - Color Club Soft as Cashmere

Spring Wardrobe is a new series on Nail Juice, suggesting easy to find, beautiful polishes for Spring! Don't forget to check out the Spring Wardobe series page!

I think a cute mousey brown is great all year round, soft enough for the Spring and Summer yet dark enough for Autumn and Winter.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Kids On The Block

Hey reader!

Hope your having a nice day :) I know I will be hehe.

So these are my new kids that arrived at 9:18am. Nicole's American Ocean and Edgy Indigo. Not too sure exactly when the cat arrived, but it was three years ago...

Can't wait to try these munchkins out! Oh I'm going to the salon again today to see if they have anything new.

About this Bella photo... there's a blow-up frog that's in the pool and it floats around in the breeze. It freaks the cat's out, they stalk it and stare at it for hours :D

OPI DS Couture

This is Couture from OPI's older Designer Series line. They were once upon a time only holos like this, but for some reason they decided to scrap them and make barely holo/shimmery polishes instead.

Just two coats here. The formula is sublime. So smooth and you get a lot of coverage for just a little amount of polish. 

Couture is a funny colour. It looks pink, red and sometimes a bit coral-y. 

I think they changed their Designer Series line a couple of years ago. However, they are quite pricey in stores so there are a lot still around to be found. I've been to a salon that has just about all of the older ones but they're $42! Who in their right mind would pay that?! I'm going to keep looking around.

It wasn't terribly sunny when I took these photos, but if it looks like this when it's overcast, imagine it in the full blown sunlight!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China Glaze Sexagon

This is China Glaze's Sexagon from their Kaleidoscope collection which was released a few years ago.

The formula was alright. I had to do three coats because it seemed to bit a little bit sheer. It looks amazing in the end though!

I'm supposed to be cleaning up my apartment so I don't have too much to say about Sexagon at the moment... :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late

Curry Up! Don't Be Late is from OPI's Summer collection, India, from 2008. The India collection is my absolute favourite that OPI has done. This was right when I was getting into nail polish. You could say Curry Up was one of my first loves!

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late in two coats.
I think this is my original bottle that I bought in 2008, although my sister is now the proud owner of it (she has been for sometime now). It looks amazing on toes in the summer time! Well, any time really. 

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late in two coats.
My sister kindly let me swatch this, usually she only lets mum and I swatch on one finger lol, so I am very privileged!

The formula of Curry Up could be better, it's a little bit runny and does need a bit of care applying. It is also a little bit streaky but that seems to dissipate once a top coat is applied.

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late in two coats.
I still love Curry Up to bits, I really should get a bottle of my own. It is a stunning gold polish. I hope OPI brings something out quite similar but with a better formula. I shall remain hopeful.

Bonus Cat Photo!
This is my cat, Bells (Bella). For some reason, she was following me around all day, I fed her breakfast and everything but she kept following me around sitting next to me. I wasn't too sure what she wanted from me... Usually she's very 'vocal' and lets you know what she wants. She still has her flash collar though, it's silver with diamantes all around it :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Swatch of NFUOh 59, 46, 49, 53

They sort of didn't turn out well, I didn't think in these photos, I will be giving each colour their own review shortly though. They are all layered over China Glaze Dress to Kill.

One coat.
Left to right: 53, 49, 46, 59
I tried NFUOh 53 over the red because it has the red/orange flakes but blue shimmer. I didn't realise how much of the blue shimmer actually showed. I thought it would be sheer that it is. It'd probably be best set over a blue or purple.

One coat
Left to right: 59, 46, 49, 53
NFUOh 49 is a clear base with the red/orange flakes. I think this is one of the best NFUOh polishes to own, then you can add it to anything without having a base colour to worry about.

Two coats.
Left to right: 59, 46, 49, 53
NFUOh 46 is what I'd call a tomato red base with orange/gold shimmer and flakes. It looks really beautiful in real life. I wasn't able to catch it here for some reason, hopefully in it's own review you'll be able to see it in all it's glory!

Three coats.
Left to right: 59, 46, 49
NFUOh 59 has a deep red wine base with the red/orange flakes, but it actually comes out quite sheer. Kind of jelly like. I think this one would look awesome over a deeper red.

Three coats.
Left to right: 49, 46, 59
You can see the flakes better here in 49

Stay tuned for their full reviews! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Color Club Love 'em and Leave 'em

This is Color Club's Love 'em and Leave 'em from their Wild at Heart collection.

Love 'em is a slight gold toned nude holo. Mum goes nuts over these kind of polishes, I never really saw the fuss over a nude holographic, but wow, just look at it!

These shots were taken around sunset, so they are a bit more 'golden' than they should be.

The formula is great, I was able to paint it on really quickly and easily. Really smooth and pigmented.

Bonus cat photo!
This is my sister's cat, Milo. He has to wear my cat's old pink collar because he lost his flash one. He thought he'd come out and join me swatch :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frankens I've Been Working On

These are some frankens I've been mucking around with recently. I'm so bored at my little apartment. Can't wait to move to somewhere bigger! 

Plus I think it'll be with my sister, who is also a bit of a nail polish fanatic. You wouldn't believe the amount of gold she has in her stash! She's sort of kept all the ones me and mum have got rid of over the years...of course we kind of want them back now haha... :(

Just a close-up of the grungy black.
Close-up of the bluey-purple.
Close up of the more holo-y purple.
Now, none of these have names. Yet. Although i'm not really too sure if I love them all that much...

I've used Sinful UFO, Color Club Magic Attraction, Sinful Daddy's Girl, Sinful Nail Junkie, OPI Black Onyx, Australis Blue Tiger, Essie Sexy Divide... that's all I can remember lol.

Just thought I'd show you them :)