Monday, July 18, 2011

Swatch of NFUOh 59, 46, 49, 53

They sort of didn't turn out well, I didn't think in these photos, I will be giving each colour their own review shortly though. They are all layered over China Glaze Dress to Kill.

One coat.
Left to right: 53, 49, 46, 59
I tried NFUOh 53 over the red because it has the red/orange flakes but blue shimmer. I didn't realise how much of the blue shimmer actually showed. I thought it would be sheer that it is. It'd probably be best set over a blue or purple.

One coat
Left to right: 59, 46, 49, 53
NFUOh 49 is a clear base with the red/orange flakes. I think this is one of the best NFUOh polishes to own, then you can add it to anything without having a base colour to worry about.

Two coats.
Left to right: 59, 46, 49, 53
NFUOh 46 is what I'd call a tomato red base with orange/gold shimmer and flakes. It looks really beautiful in real life. I wasn't able to catch it here for some reason, hopefully in it's own review you'll be able to see it in all it's glory!

Three coats.
Left to right: 59, 46, 49
NFUOh 59 has a deep red wine base with the red/orange flakes, but it actually comes out quite sheer. Kind of jelly like. I think this one would look awesome over a deeper red.

Three coats.
Left to right: 49, 46, 59
You can see the flakes better here in 49

Stay tuned for their full reviews! :)

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