Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OPI DS Divine

This was my two day manicure Divine. Such a beautiful beautiful shade, and guess what, it's discontinued.

This was three coats here. I originally only had two and had added a third about thirty minutes before taking these photos. Not having ear cleaners and remover to clean up was a little nerve racking lol I mean if someone was to admire my nails, I don't want it to be all over the show.
Luckily Divine is an easy one to control so I didn't have too much mess that bothered me. Also after adding some SolarBalm, the excess polish just seemed to fall off during the day. By the afternoon it was perfectly neat n_n

Monday, March 30, 2009

Misa The Grass Is Greener On My Side


It applied so nicely and smooth, the 'gap' looks so neat, the polish itself was so easy to work with and it only needed two coats! Seriously... is there anything wrong with this polish?! Why didn't I try this sooner?!

This thing is sparkling and shimmering 24/7, it doesn't stop. I like that.
It does dry matte though so don't be disappointed at first! Because adding your top coat makes it look so freakin cool.

I also noticed that it had a wider brush than my older Misas, I like this too. Perfect for the size and shape of my nails. It made the application a pleasure.

I started off with The Grass Is Greener On My Side on my right hand, just to try it out, added top coat, left it for about 30 minutes and then decided that I need to wear this as a full manicure. I did and I don't know if I can bring myself to take it off :D But new pretties...

Yesterday I received the following:

A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild - Misa

Love, Beverly Hills xx - Essie

Blueberry Crumb - Essie

Miso Happy With This Color - OPI

Just in case your wondering about the photos... I wasn't feeling the Landscape, so Portrait it is! But I still have some landscapies to post :)

OPI Ulta Valentines Exclusives 2009

I thought I would combine these three into one post :D

I love all three of these pinks to bits... Don't Think Just Pink and Gotta Get Pink are very unique shades. I don't have anything like them! Well done OPI n_n

Although In Sync With Pink isn't really all that unique, but I believe it is a dupe to MAC's Something About Pink which was released with the Hello Kitty collection. I saw it in person not too long ago, the OPI was much cheaper and has a little more so I didn't feel the need to get the MAC pink.

Each pink was very nice to work with and has certainly earned a spot on my Top 20... I should probably do one of those soon :)

In Sync With Pink

Don't Think, Just Pink!

Gotta Get Pink!:

OPI Cherry Blossom

I was craving Cherry Blossom and I really wanted to try out those stickers.

Sticker Review:
These are probably some of the best I have come across. They aren't thick and bulky, they're nice, thin and easy to take off the sheet and place on the nail.

Plus! They wear like iron, I didn't put top coat over them and they survived my night, sleep and shower!

Cherry Blossom Review:
The sparkles in this one remind me of fairies or something, there isn't anything quite like it.

I remember a while ago someone asked me how they should franken it... I had suggested OPI Elephantastic Pink for the base colour, Princesses Rule for the shimmer and maybe some clear polish to make it a little sheerer. I will include these polishes in my next order so I can try it for you guys n_n

Application was alright. Not excellent because it was a little runny, and Cherry Blossom being a sheer, I had to do three thickish coats to achieve this look. Doing three thickish coats of a sheer gets kinda messy on the sides.

But Cherry Blossom does dry quite quickly and looks amazing in the sun and indoors!

Oh my goodness, it's April tomorrow! Ahhh!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Such a pretty vampy. A warmer version of Eiffel For This Color. Come to think of it... I haven't seen Eiffel for a little while...

I used three coats here as two was a little patchy. But I didn't use a base coat so that doesn't really help lol.

Black Cherry Chutney was released in OPI's India collection at the beginning of 2008. I can't believe it's been a year already! It won't be long before we are talking about the South Beaches in past tense.

BCC applies flawlessly, one of the easier vampies I have come across. Warning: It does look black indoors. So incase you work with a light over you or where the sun is on you, I wouldn't reccommend it if you hate vampies looking black indoors.

Zoya Meadow

(Small pics here, will do another bigger pic post and see what you guys prefer)
I really don't know why I still have this colour, I haven't worn it since the last time it was on Nail Juice.

It is a very pretty colour though, but a little too 'safe' for my likings. It looks simply stunning in the photographs but IRL I just can't bring myself to love it. I think it might even be a little too bland for my Mum's likings also.

I used two coats of Meadow (such a cute name), no base or top coat as I am swatching.

It goes on very nicely and quite thick. Almost opaque on the first coat, almost.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

Hmm... do you like them this large? Or would you prefer the photos were smaller? I uploaded them this big by accident lol

I used two coats here. I love putting this polish on, there's nothing wrong with it, so it's very nice to have an easy manicure :)

This was from the Sleigh Ride collection of three that was released last Christmas, and is now discontinued. Some etailers still have it in stock though, but be warey, there are two versions.

TWO VERSIONS?! Unfortunately, yes. The newer version is less black and is more shimmer like than glitter. I think there were a few posts on it at MakeUpAlley.com

Yeojin II + M5, M6, M7

Here I used all Konad polishes and plates M5, M6 and M7.

I really like the graduation of the two colours together. I will definitely have to try this more often!

I think my favourite design would have to be the blue and white butterfly. What do you think?

Bloom Yeojin II

Um... what to say about this one.

I was disappointed that it just looks like black, I thought it might have the slight tinge of blue. Nope, it just looks like CC Where's The Soiree, about $20 cheaper.

One positive is that it would probably work with the Konad as it is very thick and opaque. This is two coats here, looks pretty much the same as the first but just fixes up places that could have been skimped accidentally.

It applied alright, but it is a little difficult to apply with its thickness. I'm thinking some thinner might tame this beast down.

I did do some Konads on it later (which you will see later) as black bases always seem to give me the urge to do some intricate designs.

I am thinking my nails need another trim. But I wanted to have them long for my courses introductory day on Wednesday... That brings another problem... what to wear?!

Friday, March 27, 2009

China Glaze LOL

The sexy LOL. We're on a holographic roll aren't we?

I love purples. I love them on but I hardly wear them for some reason...

This is two coats of LOL, very easy to put on and dried very quickly. I used no base or top coat. LOL is from China Glaze's OMG collection of holographics. It also works well with the Konad, one of the few coloured OMG's that keep their colour.

OPI DS Elegance

How are we this morning?

Here is the beautiful Elegance, desperately needed better photos! So here it is n_n

This one applied really nicely, it is the older formula so that could be why. I used two coats here, no base or top coat.

I love the shade of Elegance to bits, it was my first Designer Series polish. I had originally ordered Passion but asked to change it at the last minute. I love how the etailers let you change or add polishes, very kind of them.

I will do some more swatching for you today n_n

Thursday, March 26, 2009

OPI DS Glamour

What do we think of the new photos? Horizontal is better?

I though Glamour was worthy to have much nicer photos taken. This was two coats with no base or top coat n_n

I love this polish to bits, I may need a back-up...Please click to enlarge!

Nail Stickers!

Look at these lovelies!

I was thinking of getting a few more for a competition that I'm making up (I need 15 prizes x_x).

Found them at the Japanese dollar store hehe they get better stuff everytime!

Monday, March 23, 2009

NJ Chicklet!

Weehee! My first franken, Chicklet.

I am so happy with how this turned out. I really want a baby chicken yellow... so I bribed my sister with Done Out In Deco for her bottle of The "It" Color, she happily accepted as she has never worn the yellow. I used this yellow before for the Loco Rocos n_n

This is three coats of Chicklet over a ridge filler as it was quite streaky and a little jelly-ish.

Here's what I used:
OPI The "It" Color
Zoya Gaia
Zoya Snow White
Mode Top Coat

So obviously the yellow OPI was the base colour, and I poured out the polish I didn't want into an empty beer bottle. Looks so cool dripping down the sides...I then poured in about 1/5th of Gaia (a sheerish white with gold shimmer) mixed it all up. This was nice as it gave the yellow some gold shimmer, but did nothing colour-wise.

Then I poured out some polish and added the clear topcoat to make it a little jelly-ish. Mixed it all up, then poured some more out to add Snow White, an opaque white creme to get the shade of yellow I wanted.

And repeat that about 100 times until you get the shade you are after :D I know there are other methods... Which I will have to try, also some eyeshadow pigments like Nixxy has recently done n_n

In Glassons today, the girl serving me was like "OMG YOU HAVE YELLOW NAILS! Where'd you get that from?" Me: "Oh I mixed it last night n_n" Her: "Wow that is so cool!" *runs off to tell the other worker* Lol it was nice to have it complimented on by a complete stranger :)

What do you think? I made it to match the little chicken/ducks on my dress n_n

I ♥ These Colours!

Here are a few pastels that I would like to share with you!

Done Out In Deco:


Let Them Eat Rice Cake:

Have A Tempura Tan-trum:

Gotta Get Pink!:

French Riviera:

Nail Art: Eighteen at Last!

For my eighteenth I wanted something that stands out... Chrome. Holo. Silver. Glitter. Hearts. All in one!

I started out with two coats of Devotion, followed by one coat of Shimmer then one coat of Heart To Resist.

This seriously hurts to look at for longer than 30 seconds! It is that cool! :D Mum loves it and is going to try it herself... I will have to take photos of her hands again, she has come such a long way!

I wanted to make the Devo & Shimmer a little more 'Steph', so the lovely little red hearts and glitter from Heart To Resist found their ways on to my nails n_n

I wonder what my Nana will think of it... lol