Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Enjoying The Beauty Of Art With Konad Nail Art

Switching your nails during the day with regards to the outfit you're putting on can only be possible using a nail solution that's very easy to apply. Konad nail art comes courtesy of a kit containing pre designed images that you stamp on your nails. Hand painting is alright however, when you are trying these kinds of nail art you will be mesmerized at how it operates and the way easy it is to use. The Konad stamping type of style permits you to in on a variety of images which you'll want to pick from.

The interesting thing about Konad nail art it would it be is so easy to use, it can be done yourself which suggests forget about likely to spend some money on the salon for nail art. The joy of being forced to do your nails anywhere is quite a plus. If you're a modern woman this beauty strategy is for you, plain colored nails are already the norm. Switch and pump in most admiral effect in your nails together with the large choice of potential images available. Determined by that which you like picking out the design to wear your nails will probably be quite effortless.

Achieving a neat look on the nails is as easy as the kits come pre-created in a neat manner in this once you stick it on your nail this doesn't look smudged. The Konad nail art isn't only for that nails, try it on your cellular phone, clock, sunglasses or any surface that you would like beautified. You'll love operate will not peel out once it's dry.

Applying it isn't tasking, first of all you apply a base coat or the nail polish associated with preference after which apple the special Konad nail polish to the picture of choice. Use the scrapper to remove off excess polish, press the stamp on the plate when you roll gently to find the design.The look might appear on the stamp, and roll it on your nail inside a gentle motion. Then it can last longer apply a top coat in your nail.
Play around with the several image choices provided that you should achieve what you need along with your nails. Maintaining the nail art is simple, drying up takes the normal tome nail polish takes to dry. Konad product is but one exceptional method of being bold. The mix that Konad nail art has is immense as well as the colors, white, red, black, blue, pink, purple, green among a number of other colors. Which has a different print every other day you can color match or color block just want it.

Considering the beauty it gives the nails it really is ought to be well worth the price. The value is affordable with regards to the kit that you opt for. The core kit will give you quite a distance that's discover sharing it with anybody else. Should you be over to have fun, the sort of fun you modify your nails by the day or by the week Konad gives precisely that, the privilege to showcase you nails and the adoration for art.

Nail Art Designs Are Growing In Popularity These Days

Nail art designs aren't just famous but they look good. There is a certain feeling that those who are looking at this art are indeed those who understand what they want. In this regard it won't be wrong if we say and decide on things that suit our art and also puts us at an advantage over the others. There is a certainty that one would think of better things that would instantly rove the attention of the buyers. Here the nail art that a person adorns of is indeed a great attraction in itself and considered to be important for those who are looking at it. Well there is multiple sort of such designs that are today considered as important and are indeed important for those who understand its importance and are close to the latest fashion. 

The nail art that is in fashion today is indeed of such sort that it attracts people most likely and are also of major importance to those who are looking at it with great care. Some people have fetish for such design art and are most importantly close to the fact that such art isn't any less than what is expected to be seen. In this regard you needn't be too low thinking of the fact that you are to know what are the things that would put you at a better state and that you would know what the things of importance to you are. Well there is a possibility that you would think of the different options that you can avail benefit of by understanding how these things can be put right for your use. Thus you should be able to understand for yourself what is important and how things can be put to better use so that the end result turns out to be better. 

When you make budget citytrips for yourself there is a certainty that you would think of different options that you are looking at to make your trip memorable. It is here that you know and understand the things that are most popularly known and would make your trip enjoyable. When you plan a trip there are certain preparations you make in advance. One of these is making nail art that would instantly grab the attention of those who are traveling with you. In this regard you would know of better things that would put you at an advantage of things and thus make your presence worthwhile. So it is but obvious that you would want to see different things that are instantly strolling your attention and making you feel important in the eyes of those who stay with you. In this regard you should be able to see for yourself the different things that are important and thus you should be knowing what and how you can handle such things so that the net result turns out to be better. So if you have this art in you don't think twice and indeed bring live to your feeling the fact that you can do it all for yourself and thus inspiring yourself to make better move.

Nail Art Reached New Altitudes in Fashion Industry

Nail art extends to brand new altitudes in fashion as well as common tradition. I always took a back seat when it came to grooming me. Mostly busy juggling between home, office, kids and other social activities and hardly get time to look at myself. For any occasions be it a weekend friend's party or formal functions I somehow manage to look my best with my hair and clothes but nails always remains unattended. I hardly take time to tend my nails. My nails chipped brittle and were lifelessly out of shape. But no more, Nail art has reached altitudes in the world of fashion. There are multiple salons now unveiled just for nail care. Surfing through lots of websites for manicured nails I came across Reni USA and lolz was very thrilled to see the vast range of nail art products. Now happy days are here again Shop to your heart's content by just click of a button from your busy schedules no matter where you are.
Enchanted with the most beautiful, trendy and glamorous world of nail care. The child in me exploded with delight and wanted to shop all the possible nail products as they are available in most classy colors from 1 pc to 18 pcs professional set of nail art brushes and point tools to choose from in ultimate peppy, sparkling vibrant colors, shapes and sizes at most budgeted price range. The most suitable product for your pocket. The best part is you can yourself try any of your favorite nail arts right at your home while watching TV or casually chatting with your loved ones from simple designs to fancy and sophisticated ones to suit your mood and occasions.

The best part is that for other nail care we can speak round the clock to the beauty and nail experts as they are on their toes to help online. Now I am happy and delightful that my chipped, brittle nails now look very elegant and glamorous. The good news is that they suggest you the nail care without any charges and are very prompt in their delivery. Offering some of the best online extensions, Reni USA provides its customers with a hassle-free shopping experience and one that is extremely safe and secure. You don't have to worry about long billing queues or the dilemma where you can't find the right product for yourself.

Imitating me my lots of friends and near ones have also got these Reni nail products for themselves. All thanks to Reni for providing such an explicit and simple option online you can just order even in your busy schedule and for elating my radiant beauty and making my style a fashion statement. So friends just take a time for yourself coz there's no one as loveable as yourself so invest now for the adorable you. Shop online in USA and avail the grand once in a life time bargain for yourself. I got for myself did you get one for yourself today?

Monday, August 31, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - Purple Palazzo Pants

Purple Palazzo Pants is from OPI's Venice collection released for Fall/Winter 2015. This is one of those tricky shades that are right in between colours, Palazzo being right on the cusp of purple and pink. This means that depending on the undertones in your skin colour, Palazzo will either lean more pink or more purple. With my yellow undertones it shows its more purple side. I adore these pink/purple/mauve shades and am finding myself forever crafting them when mixing polishes. The formula is just fabulous and only needs two thin coats for full coverage.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - Tiramisu For Two

Tiramisu for Two is from OPI's latest collection, Venice. Anybody who knows me knows that nudes are one of my absolute favourite shades to wear. Nude shades always look so crisp, clean, fresh, and are appropriate for every occasion. The formula is absolutely fantastic on this one, only needing two thin coats for coverage. Tiramisu reminds me of the three nude shades that came out with their Japanese collection a few years ago.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - A Great Opera-tunity

A Great Opera-tunity is from OPI's Venice collection for Fall/Winter 2015. This is the perfect salmon shade every collection needs! It goes on so incredibly smooth and only needs two thin coats for full coverage. What I like most about Opera-tunity is that it's an all year-round shade. I also like that it just has that little bit of punch to it that stops it from being a 'my nails but better' shade.

Monday, August 24, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - I Cannoli Wear OPI

I Cannoli Wear OPI is from OPI's Venice collection. Cannoli is a very light blue toned white/grey. It's formula is nice and thick and gives complete opacity at two coats. It makes for a great base colour for nail art! I will be using this one heaps for my nail art projects.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - O Suzi Mio

O Suzi Mio is from OPI's most recent collection inspired by Venice. This shade is a glorious deep purple totally opaque in two thin coats. The formula was perfection. It is dark enough to look 'just dark' in certain lights, but is fairly obviously purple in the daylight. Dark purples are an all time favourite of mine, so it's an instant hit with me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nail Juice - Retired Shades Pt. 2

Nail Juice Queen of Peace - a soft peach with golden sheen.

Nail Juice Jewel Turquoise - a sparkly blue glitter topper.

Nail Juice Ship to Wreck - a soft pastel green with golden sheen.

Nail Juice Jewel Violet - a sparkly purple glitter topper.

Nail Juice Crimson Butterfly - a black with red, garnet, and gold glitters.

Nail Juice It's Not Over - fiery glitter topper.

Nail Juice Hades - a blackened blue with iridescent glitters.

Nail Juice Use It Well - a sparkly silver glitter topper.

Nail Juice Never Let Go - a purple that turns lavender when warm.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nail Juice - Retired Shades Pt. 1

Nail Juice Elixir - a white crelly that turns a soft blue in the sunlight.

Nail Juice Dulcet - a soft pink crelly that turns a bold purple in the sunlight.

Nail Juice Ethereal - a glittery green that turns a soft turquoise when warm.
Nail Juice Dalliance - a bright purple crelly that turns bright pink when warm.

Nail Juice First Day of Summer - a delicate cream jelly filled with pastel coloured glitter.

Nail Juice NSFW - a neon pastel filled with pink and red glitter.

Nail Juice Harvest Moon - an earthy brown crelly sprinkled with brown, copper, and green glitter.

Nail Juice Lila - a soft pink jelly with chunky pink and purple glitter.

Nail Juice Scintilla - a glittery peach that turns to a lighter, whiter peach when warm.

Nail Juice Hades - a blackened blue with iridescent glitters.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample Sheet - Subtle

Jamberry is releasing in Australia and New Zealand on October the 1st. With having loved the nail wrap designs, I gave the sample sheet a try! This is one side of the sheet, what I call the 'subtles'. This side of the sheet came with a zebra print, plaid, nude to white ombre, black and white floral, as well as a clear/white striped design.

The wraps are fairly easy once you have your system in place of getting them on. I highly recommend doing some research online first because there are so many different ways of applying them. I used tweezers, a hair dryer, and a small plastic baggie. This method was fairly easy and pain free. Although it is time consuming, I made sure to do it while I was doing other stuff on my computer. I will post a tutorial later this week.

What I really liked was how it doesn't need to dry like polish, so I was able to do little jobs here and there when I needed without worrying about messing up my nails. However in saying that, the sticky side of the wrap does need time to set. I've seen people recommend doing your wraps before bed as this gives the wraps ample time to set. Otherwise they can come off or lift quite easily when in contact with water.

Another point to note is that because the wraps come presized, you may need to trim them down, or simply deal with the inaccurate sizes.

My favourite part of the Jamberry wraps are the designs. They are just simply beautiful. I also especially loved the clear ones, like the white stripes on my ring finger here. This means that you can have a negative space mani (showing your bare nail underneath), or you can layer them over a different wrap or polish to create an interesting look.

Other Jamberry look
Jamberry NZ/Aus

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nail Art - Neon Spike

The Look:
This look starts of with two coats of Haze to create our neon purple base colour. Then, with my dotting tool I place small amounts of base coat around the base of each nail. I picked up the spikes with my dotting tool and placed them in a formation on three on each nail. I then sealed the design with my top coat.

Products Used:

  • Orly Bonder base coat
  • Nail Juice Haze
  • Out the Door top coat
  • Black spikes
  • Dotting tool

Black spikes
Nail Juice Haze