Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OPI Peru-B-Ruby

The Stash - Blues

And here are the 'pool' blues!

I call them 'pool' blues because quite frankly, that's what they make me think of. The first three are all very similar. Too similar to own all 3 I think... All two coats.

Here they are, left to right:

OPI Surf's Up!
Nicole American Ocean
Nicole Edgy Indigo
OPI Go On Green

The Stash - Fuchsias

Hey reader!!! I feel so bad when I leave little NJ for a while *hugs NJ*. I was spending Valentine's with the boyfriend, great weekend. I have pics of my Valentine's mani too along with all the other V-day manicures I didn't post >_<

So here is a tiny chunk of the stash, Fuchsias :D Oh all these stash pics are two coats :)

From left to right we have:

China Glaze Purple Panic
OPI Fanatical Fuchsia
OPI Santiago Sangria
OPI DS Divine

The Stash - Corals

And now we have some lovely summer corals!

I can't decide what to keep and what to get rid of...I think I would choose Elke or Cajun... but they're both so pretty and bright!

Left to right:
Zoya Elke
Zoya Annie
OPI Lunch At The Delhi
OPI Cajun Shrimp

The Stash - Periwinkles

Mmm yummy periwinkles... All two coats!

Left to right:
China Glaze 2NITE
China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le
OPI Pick Me Up Purple
OPI Blue Jeans

Are those for me? ♥

Here is another Valentine's mani I whipped up this morning.

I used two coats of OPI Santiago Sangria and China Glaze's Devotion for the design. I used plate M24.

I really like the idea of this one. Usually I would have used this design on the tip as it is shaped as a U (see the Morgan manicure with konad). I decided to reverse it and I love how it turned out :)

I have a few more V-day manicures to show you :D

OPI DS Shimmer

Another DS polish that I lusted after for a looong time but could not bring myself to buy it. OPIs DS Shimmer.

It looked so smooth in all the pictures I saw of it and it applies just as smoothly as it looks. I will be keeping this one for sure!

Just two coats here. I swatched all my DS's with two coats. I love Shimmer because you can have it sheer, layer it or build it up to be opaque. Such a versatile polish!

Get your hands on this if you are lemming it as it has been discontinued... Why does OPI continue to discontinue some of their best?!

OPI DS Glamour

Another old favourite, Glamour!

I swatched 80% of my Designer Series polishes the other day (my cuticles are paying for it now) but it wasn't a very sunny day... At least you know what they will look like with no sun :D

This is two coats, no clean up. I love the way these apply. So smoothly, although I found the newer ones to be a bit runny and uncontrollable.

My cuticles are feeling really irritated lately... maybe it's because of how much swatching I've been doing. I have been pumping oil and cuticle eraser into them everyday... I hope it passes :(

Oh by the way NZer's, a salon I went to was selling CND Cuticle Eraser for $49!!! Get it online for sure. That's too ridiculous for words!

An old favourite... Shangri-la-la Lilac

I stumbled across Shangri today when I was having a huge overdue clean up of my stash today.

It applies like most old OPIs do, smoothly and opaque in two or one coats. This is two coats here with no top coat as I was planning to Konad it... Can't wait to show you it tomorrow! hehe n_n
Shangri-la-la Lilac would look like a creme to most people, I'm sure only the eagle eyed polish addicts would be able to tell it had a little shimmer. I think the shimmer just lifts it a tiny bit from looking flat. Now that I think about it, Shangri looks similar to Mar De Morado...

Although Shangri-la-la Lilac is discontinued it is not VHTF. Which is excellent for us pink lovers :D

Lately I'm finding that I have colours that I absolutely cannot live without and could wear any day and not get sick of it. So I will make a big post of these probably next week or so.

It is extremely hard being on a no-buy until March. I have only broken it... four times... n_n; But! They were either an extremely good find or extremely cheap.... :D

Don't forget to enlarge theeeese ♥

OPI DS Divine

Ahhh the lovely Divine. I wore this for three days ;)

Three coats of heavenly application. There was hardly any clean up to do, the formula is a dream. I am so happy I traded this with my mum! I had been eyeing up Divine for a looooong time and it was becoming a little hard to get. So you better snap it up when you see it if you are lemming it! n_n

I put Divine on because I was craving it and I know my dear boyfriend loves pink nails. Got home that day took it off to wear something else... But Divine was all I wanted, so another two days she stayed :D

I have a little surprise for you later today...

Zoya Morgan ♥

Love at first... swatch.

Morgan is one of my all time favourites, I could wear this one if I was stuck on an abandoned island for six years.

This is just two coats. Morgan has a jelly like complex, you can see my tips vaguely at two and you can build the colour up so tips no more. This is with no topcoat, Morgan really is this shiny alone :D

Why have I left you alone for so long.... *pats Morgan*

Oh, does anyone know what collection Morgan is from?

You also get a few extra pics of her, because I think she deserves them n_n

China Glaze Delight

Here is another I was meaning to post but forgot about :O

China Glaze's Delight. From their new Romantique collection. It is so beautiful inside and out, can almost be blinding in sunlight if you look directly at it for too long :D

Two coats here. Second coat looks just like the first, just smoothes it out and fixes up mistakes :) Romantiques are perfect for using with Konads, even better than the Konad polishes themselves sometimes!

This is my second brown and I am loving it to pieces! I may have to venture into a few more of the Romantiques, I swear that blue calls my name everytime I scroll past it.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape + A New Look!

The perfect colour to start off with Nail Juice's new image :D I'm really excited about designing stuff for NJ this year.

Gargantuan Green Grape, dumb name. Let's just call it Garangutan :D Like a green orangutan.

This is three coats and you can *just* see the tips. It applied very smoothly. Garangutan is from OPI's brights collection, I see it in pretty much every chemist I go to (well the ones that dare to venture out past the boring sheers and reds).

I just love this green although I got bored with it near the end of the day so I decided to add some Konads to it. I used my favourite animal print and OMG, didn't turn out as good as I hoped so I used white. It looked too... I don't know what it was but I couldn't stand it, so off it came!

We have all three photos in sunlight and one holding a few leaves n_n Enjoooooy~!

OPI My Private Jet

*big sigh* Isn't he beautiful? (Yes my MPJ is a boy).

This is three smooth holo coats. My Private Jet really is a dreamy polish, I may have to pick up another when I find one. I am also curious to try out the non-holo version and the browner version. Not too sure if I want four MPJ's in my collection though lol.

I apologise for the angles being a bit obscure, the sun was being a pain that day so the holographic was only visible and weird angles.


Essie Sexy Divide

Sexy Divide is a sexy colour indeed.

It goes straight to my Top 20. It applies as beautiful as it looks. This is three coats here. Although it goes on really smooth, it leaves little patches so three coats was necessary to cover them all up.

I will be wearing Sexy Divide a lot this summer, might even need a back up!

Sexy Divide is a deep purple base with magenta, purple and blue shimmer. A real surprise from Essie! Who knew the queen of sheers actually knew this kind of polish existed?

I thought it was pretty funny that on one of Essie's collections that the tag line was "Never be afraid of colour" XD

Japanese Blues + Moooooore Newbies?

Good morning! Just had the biggest urge to bite my nails so I'll be off soon applying a very pretty polish to deactivate that urge.

Alright from thumb to pinky we have:

Midnight Blue Glitter - I absolutely love this one, would be great for layering too!

Blue Jeans - A very unique colour. It's like a grey with heavy blue shimmer and I know you cant see it here but it has silver sparkles too.

Pick Me Up Purple - You have already seen how pretty this one is :D

Bleu-Blue - Don't know what to think about this one, might have to Konad it n_n

French Riviera - Love this one to bits, its what I wanted Moon Over Mumbai to be. A nice chic sheer grey.

And here's the newbies to the polish collection, Lilac I Care, Starbright Sparkles and Fanatical Fuchsia.

OPI Pick Me Up Purple

I know this post is soon after the Chanel one... But I had to show you as soon as I put it on!

This is one of the Japanese exclusive OPI's I found, Pick Me Up Purple. As you can see, hardly any purple at all... But shimmery/frosty blue goodness!

This is four coats to get it completely opaque. Three looked nice but tips were visible. I absolutely adore this colour and I thought it looked similar to Orly's Blue Belle. So BB is on my thumb, no comparison really :D

Application was soooo smooth, hardly any clean up was needed. A truly beautiful polish.

Look at it some mooooore:

China Glaze OMG

Wow! This is so much finer than Sexagon. (First photo is sun and the other is sun behind clouds)

I got this a little while ago and it has taken me forever to try it on, along with IDK. Finally tried both today.

First thing I must point out about OMG, the wear is fantastic. Today I was moving everything from our storage room to Dad's new shed, alot of bumping and scraping nails on things and not one sign of a chip on OMG. Then I went swimming afterwards, usually my manicure peels off or starts to, not with OMG :D

I used two coats here and that's all you will need. It also looks really nice as one coat, a tiny bit more sheer, but who wants sheer holos?!

I love the holo-chunks in the OMG collection, so tiny and fine. I will have to post the ones I own shortly. Oh! I tried my other OMG polishes over black, LOL was the only one that you could tell wasn't silver. So I think OMG is best for the Konads :)

I'm going to see my boyfriend in the hospital tomorrow, so you may get another glimpse of Emerald Sparkle (his favourite colour n_n)