Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ahhh Gaia, one of my first Zoya's.

I was very impressed when I first got it because I was in love with whites with gold shimmers. Those were the days, so uneducated on all the other fantastic colours...

Gaia is from Zoya's Chit Chat collection, named after bloggers :D Can't say I'm familiar with any of them.... I'm sure others could name the blogs off the top of their heads :)

This is three coats of Gaia. A beauty to apply, though it was a little streaky on coat two. Also on coat two, Gaia makes your tips look like they are the *perfect* white. Sadly your tips begin to disappear on three, but the colour becomes more opaque. Whatever you suits you :)

I let Gaia have two photos, just to show you closer up of the golden shimmer found throughout the Chit Chat collection.

Also I have had my first appointment booked for a manicure! Heeeee! I am really excited :D

Ooops, I should have been more clear lol, I meant that someone had booked to have a manicure from me :) I guess that statement could mean either way.

I had my first manicure about six months ago, I was terrified of how short she had made my nails. But my nails were short any way (orange nails picture) lol even shorter than that.

I guess it was just horrifying for all my hard work getting them there was just filed off. I think most of us can do better manicures than the manicurists them selves :D

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