Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OPI Steady As She Rose

I finally have the Internet back and it's uploading my photos no problem now :) Today I have Steady As She Rose from OPI's Pirate's of the Caribbean collection. A very sweet and delicate pink creme.

I just love this. It's not an overly yellow or blue pink, it's just right. It does have that dusty quality to it like the rest of the collection which makes it just that much nicer.

I did need three coats however. I think I was using the polish to thin though, it seemed to to work better when I used thicker coats. I've got loads of polishes ready to post for you, so keep checking back!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

OPI Mermaid's Tears

Mermaid's Tears is from OPI's Pirate's of the Caribbean collection. I only picked up four out of seven; Mermaid's Tears, Steady as She Rose, Skulls & Glossbones and the silver shatter. I am just smitten with all of them!

I didn't really like the other three that much. Sparrow Me The Drama and Planks A Lot seemed to be brighter than the rest, and Stranger Tides just looked weird against my skin.

Here I am wearing two coats. Lovely coverage with Mermaid's Tears, very nice formula as well.

This colour took me back to when Peppermint Patti was a big thing and everybody started doing minty greens and blues. Mermaid's Tears, like the rest of the collection, has a dusty quality to it. So it's a lot greyer than most mint greens. However! The OPI display I looked at was right beside Orly's new lot, Precious. Ancient Jade looked to be just a smidgen off of being a complete duplicate.

Mermaid's Tears is one of my new favourites. I just love all the colours being released at the moment.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Color Club Pretty in Platinum

Adding to the Untamed Luxury Indulgence collection we have Pretty in Platinum.

I'm not usually one for pearly/frosty whites but the formula on this one definitely helped. It was consistent with the most of the collection, they have that nice thickness to them.

I used two coats here. I'm not too sure if I'll wear this one too often, pearly whites remind me of wedding dresses and the event associated with them. I think this'd look amazing with a shatter over the top.

See you soon :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color Club Ready To Royal

As you may have noticed, Nail Juice has a bit of a new look! :) I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Tonight I have Ready To Royal to show you. Royal's a beautiful deep purple creme. I'm sure if Queens and Princesses had the nail polish we have today, this is definitely a colour they would wear!

I used two coats here. The first coat gives you a really nice vibrant purple but it turns super dark on the next coat. Royal has a really nice formula which I found was consistent through-out the Untamed Luxury Indulgence.

I've always wanted a really dark purple creme but for some reason always chickened out at the last minute. But after trying Ready to Royal, it's now one of my new all-time favourites for sure. 

You can buy the pack of Untamed Luxury Indulgence for $59NZD from USA Nails Online. $8.40 a polish isn't that bad at all! They also have Alter Ego and Starry Temptress. I cannot wait to see Starry Temptress, I think it's one of the collections I am anticipating seeing the most this year!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Color Club Soft As Cashmere

Here we have Color Club's Soft as Cashmere. A delicate mousey taupe. 

I really love this colour, I don't have anything quite like it. I did think Essie's Chinchilly might be similar but Cashmere is a lot greener. I just looked through my Essie posts and see that I haven't reviewed that one yet... I have mid-semester break coming up shortly so I will catch up on everything then :)

Application was alright. It was a little bit watery on first coat. I did need three coats to get complete coverage, I think it might have needed a little shake before hand though.

My mum loved Cashmere, but then again she loves any polishes knitting related :P

She tried it on and while it still looked nice on her, it looked completely different to how it looked on me. It looked more grey than mousey-taupe on her. She does have more red tones in her skin.

Soft as Cashmere is from Untamed Luxury Indulgence. The whole collection is so pretty and very winter. They will be coming very shortly. I'm visiting my friend today because she wants to have a play with OPI's Black Shatter but I will most definitely be taking this collection around too!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Essie Nice is Nice

Oh my gosh I have been trying to post this for days! But blogger keeps freezing on me. Today it finally it let me upload the photos :D

I was humming and harring for quite a while, trying to decide whether to get Nice is Nice or Lilacism. 

Nice is Nice definitely has more red in it, making it more violet where as Lilacism has the blue in it making it lavender. 

I am thinking maybe I should have gone with Lilacism. I think Nice is Nice is too pink for my liking. It reminded me of three other polishes I have which I have pictured at the end of the post. OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, OPI Panda-monium Pink and Orly Lollipop. Nice is Nice definitely has that little bit more purple/blue in it compared to those three though but they are definitely all from the same family. 

I didn't have any issues with the formula. Just typical Essie. I used two coats here, fairly good coverage all though it could go streaky if you do your coats too thin.

I absolutely adore the colour but I am not sure if it is right for my colourings.

These three spring to mind being imilar.

Lucky Lucky Lavender
Panda-monium Pink