Saturday, February 28, 2009

China Glaze 2NITE

Woah baby! This is one unique colour!

Only two coats shown here, with no top coat. It applied much smoother than it has in the past so I'm putting it down to my new base coat Citra 3.

So as you can see some pics are when the sun is out and some are when it has snuck behind a cloud :)

Truly beautiful polish, I think every nail polish fanatic needs to at least try this one once n_n

OPI Love Will Blossom

I am in love with these glitters... I am thinking of getting the last two...hmm.

Anywho, this is Love Will Blossom. A nice subtle shade of pink with glorious glitter that shines every shade known to (wo)man! Sadly the sun was not out the day I took these so you don't get to see the sparklies. But Love Will Blossom is still very beautiful even when the sun isn't out n_n

Love Will Blossom also has a golden shimmer as well as jam packed with glitter! I used three fairly average coats here. It was quite easy to apply... the removal is the hard part.

For removal I suggest felt and alota remover! Usually I use one cotton pad for a whole hand... with this I used a cotton pad for each nail x_x I think having used felt instead would have helped me greatly.

I wore this for two days and not a single chip! I am impressed n_n

Misa Radiant

Here is Misa's Radiant when the weather is overcast :D

This was three coats if I remember correctly. A very pretty baby blue with heaps and heaps of golden shimmer!

It applies quite nicely. Not a problem with this little polish Right! Time for bed... See you in the morning! n_n

Happy March the 1st!!! Woohoo! Autumn!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Essie Shifting Power

This is Essie's Shifting Power from their Winter collection last year. 

This is three problematic coats. I don't know if you can see, but on my pointer finger it shows horizontal ridges I never knew I had! It was like that on all of my nails... So I'm thinking this beast needs a ridge filling base coat to even that nonsense out!

Ok but why was it problematic? Well for one... my bottle seems to have bubbles all through it twenty-four seven. I have left it sitting in the box for days hoping they would go, sadly no. So because of this Shifting Power applies with gazillions of tiny bubbles. Some disappear some don't. 

Another problem we come across... It was very runny and kept pulling it's self off where I had gone over it again for the next coat. 

This is why I have less then 5 Essie polishes, the quality just isn't consistant.

OPI In Sync With Pink

In Sync With Pink was another Ulta exclusive, I am so excited to try the last one out! :D also... woohoo! Last day of Feb!

A bright hot pink, reminds me alot of Morgan but slightly blue toned and much less jelly-ish. Comparing it to India Mood For Love, it has a lot more red in it's colourings.

Three coats to achieve this look here.

It applied quite nicely, it was nice and smooth. Hardly any clean-up was needed :) Always a bonus!

I have one of the glitter OPI's lined up for you later today!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Misa Little Tease

Here is yesterdays mani...

Well at least I wore Gotta Get Pink! for half a day :D I was really desperate to try out this lovely little Misa, Little Tease. Little Tease is a great example of a pearl finish polish.

This is four coats here and you can see the tiniest bit of my tips, so I think I will layer it over white next time I go to wear it :) 

It applied beautifully and hassle-free. Little Tease is such a dreamy-milky pink... I really want to try the new heart polish; Be Mine, You're Fine! over it. I think that would make a very cute combo :D

This is an oldie although I'm not sure if it's discontinued...

I thought I lost these pics!

I thought I should post a colour accurate pic of Ink first because these 2nd and 3rd shots are pretty shoddy.

This manicure is so oooold, I did this ages ago... So I can't really remember how many coats or how it applied sorry guys...

OPI Sweet as Annie-thing!

Hehe Mum has already offered to take this off my hands, she loves it!

Sweet As Annie-thing is really a very stunning polish, sadly the sun has distorted it a little. You can't really see much of the golden shimmer... but I assure you, it is very noticeable on.

This was two coats if I remember correctly. These 90210 polishes are very pigmented, almost opaque on coat number one. 

I think I will have to try Annie again on my new regime... See if I really do like it :)

And here is the other 90210 beauty! Sweet As Annie-Thing!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OPI I Pink I Love You

Bah! I could't get a decent pic of the hand in normal light as the sun was setting :( But at least in the second pic you can see how much glitter is jammed into these things! And the last pic is very colour accurate, that is what I had all day to stare at, beautiful.

These glitters need three coats as they tend to be quite sheer or have a jelly-ish finish to them. But man these polishes are MADE of glitter!! My first experience with glitter polishes and I am in love with them.

Not is this polish only a extremly gorgeous pink and jam packed with glitter... it has a beautiful pink shimmer too :D As you can see on the thumb pic n_n

I can't wait to try the others!

Holy cow I've already made more posts than half of 2008... D:

OPI Gotta Get Pink!

I am so so so happy with this colour! This is what I wanted Mod About You to look like on me, sadly it just looked like white with a tiny bit of pink and chalk thrown in.

However... this shade, Gotta Get Pink! just blows me away. It is an Ulta exclusive from USA. I am so greatful to the person who was willing to help me get these!

This is three coats. It was a little problematic, only in the way of the brush. The bristles at the end were a little 'bushed' so it made applying it a little difficult, otherwise it is perfect-o :D

I cannot wait to wear the other two pinks, In Sync With Pink and Don't Think, Just Pink!

I have started a new regime in regard to trying new polishes. I can no longer just try it on four nails and take a few photos and then claim it tried. I have to wear it as a full manicure :) It is working really well and also keeps me super excited about those that I have yet to try!

Well I'm off to have some lunch and then konad this pink beast! :D

Japanese Holographics - Grey

While I was away yesterday, visiting the boyfriends new apartment for uni, we went into one of my favourite dollar stores to pick up an eraser for my sister. So we found it, ventured round to the Nail Polish isle and HOLY COW! They had a whole line of holographic polishes!!! I limited myself to two, a grey and a silver.

The application of these polishes was brilliant! I was expecting cheap 'n nasty for something that only cost a few dollars... but these are seriously like OPI quality. They dry really quick too!

What makes these polishes special? I have never seen anything like them. Let's start with the grey, I only know of China Glaze's Let's Do It In 3D that is a grey holo. But this is very chunky compared to this fine holographic. It also has gold shimmer! Truly beautiful. You can't really see it in the pictures here because the sun was well and truly out the holographic pieces tend to be more dominant. But you can see the gold shimmer in the bottle :D

I love how the Japanese go all out for their polishes! I am really looking forward to my trip to Japan ♥

If there are any NZ'ers who would like me to CP these shades to you I would be more than happy :) There was also a baby blue, a gold, a pink, a mauve and a coral-y colour :D Just send me an email at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gotta Go! Grape

Hope your day is going well :D

Dreamy purple isn't it? This is another Japan exclusive. Gotta Go! Grape. I am pretty sure that Nicole reincarnated this shade, same with Tangerine Scene. I have both versions of Tangerine Scene, not a difference at all.

This is three coats shown here. I really like this purple because there is nothing quite like it. Gotta Go! Grape has an amazing shimmer consisting of orange and warm purple. 

If you are thinking that this looks like OPI's You Ottaware Purple, I have compared the two and GGG is much warmer.

Have a lovely evening/morning/noon/whatever it happens to be on your side of the world :D

OPI Tangerine Scene

I bet this wasn't the Tangerine Scene you were expecting ;) Good ol' OPI recycling the names. The other Tangerine Scene I speak of is more recent but also discontinued, it is from the psychedelic collection. 

This Tangerine Scene is a japanese one and I looooove it!

First orange that I have fallen in love with. The first orange that I thought I could wear! I think this is because it looks like it has a hint of peach :D So the orange doesn't clash with my olive skin.

Three coats featured here. It applies really nicely too, like 90% of the yoko's.

Such a lucious orange...

OPI DS Fantasy

Alright guys, I'm away for the day but have some awesome colours in store for you today!

First up is OPI's DS Fantasy. I love love love this. I was afraid that it would be the same shade as Glamour only less holographic... turns out it's a different shade all together! As you can see them side by side on the display palette post.

This is just two coats. The thumb is ONE coat!!! ONE!!! :D

Look how nicely it went on! The gap was so easy to do.

As you can see, Fantasy isn't as holo as it's Designer Series counterparts but its freaking beautiful. 

I added some little stars that I picked up from a Japanese dollar store. Only 50c too :D Although I didn't add topcoat over them because I thought I would be removing Fantasy, but I didn't so they fell of pretty quickly. I mean, it's pretty much a no brainer adding top coat to any little objects that you add to your nail :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chanel Holographic

I was sampling the holo's last night :D

This is four coats of Holographic, no top coat. Still annoying as ever to apply :)