Monday, February 16, 2009


Before I go into anything, please enlarge these pics. The detail disappears on the little photos :)

How cool is this?!?! A manicure after my favourite band Tool!?!?

I am in love with this. And I probably won't take it off until it chips off. Why? Because Tool reminds me of my good years at highschool with my BFF Veronica. We use to listen to Tool at every chance we got. It is very hard for me to sit still while one their songs is playing.

Anyway! Back to the manicure, I used two coats of OPI Black Onyx as the base here. A nice shiny black creme. I think I may have added to much thinner to it when I was thinner-happy. It reeks of alcohol or something, blergh!

Then I did the top stamp on each of my nails. Did you know that it's the Konad umbrella? I had to keep asking my sister if it looked like an umbrella until she said no. So I used Devotion for that stamp. 

I then proceeded to use My Private Jet over half of my nail. Then with this swirly design, lef thalf was Devotion and right half was Secret Periwinkle. I loved how it turned out! You will have to look at the bigger pics to see the blue :)

After the swirly design I used a little bit more of My Private Jet on the tips and curled it under the swirly design. Does that make sense? Because at first, MPJ would have been a straight line and it looked a little funny so I added a little to the tips.

I really wanted to top the whole nail with Midnight Blue Glitter but on my Nail Art Tester Wheel, it was a little more pigmented than I wanted it to be, so it got left off. But holy cow it looks amazing over black!

I was also thinking of applying little stones where the tip of the umbrella and swirly match up to disguise it a little bit. But alas, the little stones are still missing :(


Video link of the song that inspired me to do this, Parabola:

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