Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Look at: Kleancolor Chunky Purple Holo

You can imagine my surprise finding these in New Zealand! I always knew about the Kleancolor display at Postie, but it always has such boring colours. But yesterday... Yesterday, something amazing happened!

Chunky Holo Purple. Tons of them. I couldn't believe it! And to make things even better, the sign said "Two for $6". THREE DOLLARS EACH?! 

They are $4 each if you wish not to buy two. Needless to say, I bought two bottles.

They also had another one from their Chunky Holo line. I can't quite remember it's name, but it was a bright coral/orange/pink. It had the same kind of sheer base with this sort of glitter, but it wasn't duochrome at all in the bottle. I decided to leave that one behind.

But before I purchased them, I remembered all the bad things people say about how Kleancolors smell! I opened up the bottle and took a whiff. It didn't seem that strong to me. It just smelt like nail polish. I got the boyfriend to sniff it too (we must have looked like absolute nutters in the store, debating the smell of a nail polish, taking several whiffs), he didn't think the smell was overwhelming either.

There is somebody selling these on TradeMe for $10 each. I have been seriously considering them each week, but now that I know they are $3 each, what a rip.

As soon as I got home, I whipped out a tip with OPI Sapphire in the Snow out and chucked a few coats of chunky purple holo on top. This was 4 coats.

I'm still in shock about actually seeing these in New Zealand, for less than $10. 

Color Club Fracture Collection

I recently received Color Club's Fracture collection in the mail! I have already shown you Tattered in Gold but it's nice to see the rest of the collection :D

This collection is Color Club's take on the whole shatter/crackle/fracture/texture trend. A nice colour selection available. Although it seems just about everyone has released a black, silver, white and a few have a gold. OPI has done a blue shatter similar to Splitting Image but this isn't a dupe. I also think Sally Hansen may have released a similar purple.

Smash Hit, Splitting Image, Clean Break, Kiss & Break-Up

Before I tried them, I was lucky enough to have a few words from the Wise about how I should apply the Fractures. Apparently he (boyfriend) thinks I apply it too thick and it covers most of the colour underneath. He was disappointed when I painted my nails purple and applied the gold fracture on top only to have the gold dominate.

Kiss & Break-Up, Clean Break, Splitting Image, Smash Hit

So I tried to apply them a little bit thinner here, I really like how they turned out. The white especially surprised me! I was a little bit iffy about it at first, but you know that old saying, "don't knock it 'till you try it".

I tried the Fracture polishes over a few shades before I tried them on myself. What I realised is that they don't fracture too well on the nail displays. But it's nice to get an idea what they'd look like over another shade.

Overall, I quite like this little collection. The formulas are nice, not too thick like my OPI Black Shatter tends to be. They fracture quite quickly and give a good coverage.

Tattered in Gold over a silver.

Names and Codes
Here is the link for Kiwis and Aussies to buy the Fractures at a cheap price! -  http://www.usanailsonline.co.nz/categories/fractured

Now that this post is over, BRING ON THE COLOR CLUB HOLIDAY POLISHES!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Color Club Sale!

Just letting you guys know that USA Nails Online has the Color Club Fracture collection in stock and half of them are on sale!

Their normal price is $15 (which isn't bad at all compared to OPI and Essie's price of $25+), the colours on sale are; Clean Break, Crush on You and Have a Bash for $7.50!

Here are my pics of Tattered in Gold worn over a silver:

I will have some more Fracture polishes to show you shortly!

Not only do they have the Fractures half price, but also the whole Wild at Heart collection! Usually they are $16, but they are on sale for $5.95.

Here is Take 'Em and Leave 'Em:

I am wearing With Abandon at the moment with Tattered in Gold on top, I will show you that tomorrow! :)

Check out the Fractures herehttp://www.usanailsonline.co.nz/categories/fractured
and check out the Wild at Hearts herehttp://www.usanailsonline.co.nz/categories/color-club-wild-at-heart-

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OPI Glam Slam! USA Duo Pack: Love is a Racket, Pros & Bronze

These two sisters are amazing! If you love duochrome, shimmer, glass fleck, great coverage and insanely flattering colours, this set is for you!


First up is Love is a Racket. Love is a bright, bold, glowing red in any lighting situation.

I could just look at the bottles of these two all day.

My camera captured it as being quite bright, Love isn't a neon red but she sure is bright in the sunlight. It seems to take on more of an orange or pink side in my photos. Love is a warm toned red.

Love is a Racket is incredibly pigmented, you can easily get away with one coat. The formula is on the thicker side of things, but I think it helps with the coverage. 

Glowy in all situations, just like...


There is probably way too many photos in this post, but Pros & Bronze is such an awesome polish. It deserves them.

This was the first set that I thought "I NEED THOSE." 

Pros flips between rose gold, gold, copper and peach. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of this polish, he said to me "I think my eyes are playing tricks on me, it keeps changing". LOL, males. That might be because it is.

I am wearing three coats here. It is a little bit sparse in some places where I applied it a little bit thin. I was impatient painting it on last night, I was really excited to see the end result.

One of my new all time faves. It seems that some people have been seeing the Serena sets around NZ, I haven't been looking but haven't seen any yet. They're around the $45 mark. I bought my set from overseas, for around $15NZD. Cheap as chips, mate!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OPI Ginger Bells!

Today I have OPI's Ginger Bells to show you! It is from the 2009 Winter Wishes holiday collection. The same one as Merry Midnight, Sapphire in the Snow and Holiday Glow.

OPI Merry Midnight

This colour is so bang on trend at the moment. As soon as I walk into a clothing store, you've got the muted blues/navys, reds, yellows, red-y browns, khakis and chartrueses. I absolutely love all of those colours, I think I may actually have a polish in all of those too...

I am wearing two coats here. The coverage is nice from Ginger Bells. The formula is a little bit runny, but it's quite easy to control.

I never thought I would like this colour, but I've always had an interest in it. I finally bit the bullet and ordered it. It is discontinued, shouldn't be too hard to find though!

Friday, August 19, 2011


These are the newbies to the Nail Juice family. Don't they all look wonderful together? 

This is the first order my family has made this year. I forgot what it's like to be expecting something in the mail, opening it and admiring every polish under every light source. It's a great feeling, but you have to be careful, it can lead to another order and another and another...

Please enjoy these glamour pictures whilst I am typing up the full posts of each colour!

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window

China Glaze Trendsetter

OPI Sit Under the Apple Tree

OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

China Glaze Pelican Gray

OPI Road House Blues

OPI Ginger Bells!

OPI Pros & Bornze

China Glaze Ahoy!

OPI Lunch At The Delhi

OPI Love is a Racket

These are two of the most beautiful polishes I have seen this year.