Thursday, August 25, 2011

OPI Glam Slam! USA Duo Pack: Love is a Racket, Pros & Bronze

These two sisters are amazing! If you love duochrome, shimmer, glass fleck, great coverage and insanely flattering colours, this set is for you!


First up is Love is a Racket. Love is a bright, bold, glowing red in any lighting situation.

I could just look at the bottles of these two all day.

My camera captured it as being quite bright, Love isn't a neon red but she sure is bright in the sunlight. It seems to take on more of an orange or pink side in my photos. Love is a warm toned red.

Love is a Racket is incredibly pigmented, you can easily get away with one coat. The formula is on the thicker side of things, but I think it helps with the coverage. 

Glowy in all situations, just like...


There is probably way too many photos in this post, but Pros & Bronze is such an awesome polish. It deserves them.

This was the first set that I thought "I NEED THOSE." 

Pros flips between rose gold, gold, copper and peach. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of this polish, he said to me "I think my eyes are playing tricks on me, it keeps changing". LOL, males. That might be because it is.

I am wearing three coats here. It is a little bit sparse in some places where I applied it a little bit thin. I was impatient painting it on last night, I was really excited to see the end result.

One of my new all time faves. It seems that some people have been seeing the Serena sets around NZ, I haven't been looking but haven't seen any yet. They're around the $45 mark. I bought my set from overseas, for around $15NZD. Cheap as chips, mate!

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