Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - All Or Nothing

All or Nothing - another surprise favourite! This one definitely didn't take my fancy at first glance, but once I had tried it on, it looked like that beautiful fresh linen white. Beautiful, a nice fresh shade for Summer.

All or Nothing is a pink toned white. Depending on your skintone, it may look more white or more pink.

Another fab formula from the Gel Envy line. This is two coats worn here. Three gives you full coverage, no visible nail line.

See you again soon!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Checkmate

Checkmate, my very first Gel Envy. Where it all began! I looked into the Gel Envy line because I was tired of my little nails never getting to grow. Between Checkmate and High Roller (dark purple) - I wore these two shades weeks on end. A month later here I am, very happy with my nail length.

Two smooth as butter coats. Another beautiful formula in the Gel Envy line. Checkmate is one of my favourite nudes of all time.

The perfect shade for when you're trying to grow your little nails out!

See you again shortly with more Gel Envy!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Showtime

Showtime! Wow! Look at this beauty glow! Definitely the sparkliest in the Gel Envy line.

This is just one coat of Showtime over High Roller. Showtime can take a few coats to build up colour on it's own.

Purple, pink, navy, red, gold... *drool*

Even glorious in the shade. 

See you shortly!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - High Roller

High Roller was one of my first Gel Envys, and I am so glad because I have worn this shade for weeks on end. I adore it!

Super smooth formula, again with hidden blue shimmer which shines in direct sunlight.

The bottle shows quite a strong blue flash - which I was a bit iffy about, but swatches online reassured me that it did look like a creme finish.

This colour looks quite black in most lighting situations, but compared to black, High Roller is that little bit softer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Cardshark

Well, how adorable is this little sweetie? Usually bubblegum pinks look horrid on me, but Cardshark has just enough blue in it to make it quite suitable for us yellow folk!

Cardshark went straight to my Top 10. Something I noticed when editing the photos is that there is actually hidden shimmer in Cardshark (and most creme Gel Envys for that matter) yet it's barely visible. Why do they do this?

Two coats worn here. Two fabulous, dreamy, smooth, buttery coats.

See you again soon with more Gel Envys!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Jackpot

Jackpot... the black sheep of the Gel Envy line. It's the only frost/chrome in its family and I'm not too sure that's a good thing.

The creme shades we're familiar with in the Gel Envy line really makes Jackpot quite the oddball. I'm a sucker for golds and even I feel Jackpot is not the gold for me. It somehow looks quite thick, thicker than the others... I'm not too sure what to make of Jackpot.

 See you again soon with more Gel Envys!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Full House

Full House - a gorgeous neon turquoise. Another stunner from the Gel Envy line! The perfect shade for summer, I reckon.

Another beautifully smooth and thick formula, a familiarity within the Gel Eny line. Two coats used here. You could get away with one coat - that's how opaque Full House is!

Looks so soft and dusty in the shade!

See you again soon with more Gel Envys!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Joker's Wild

Joker's Wild is one of my absolute favourites from the Gel Envy line. I usually struggle to pull off oranges with my yellowy skintone, but this orange... WOWEE! Even the man commented that this is the perfect orange for me.

The formula is fantastic. Nice, thick and opaque. I used two coats here.

See you again soon with more Gel Envys!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Dealer's Choice

I have fallen hard for Revlon's Gel Envy line. My little nails have been struggling for quite some time to grow back some length. I decided to give these polishes a go and BY GOLLY I am in love.

Dealer's Choice is one of the few Gel Envys that actually have visible shimmer. Most actually do but it's that secret shimmer that you can't really see unless the sun is blasting it's rays directly at your nails. And even then do you barely get to see the shy shimmers.

A bottle close up so you can see the shimmer!
The formula is really quite nice. I love the thick opaque formulas, it gets the job done quick stick. This is two coats shown here.

And a shade shot. So soft and so delicate.

See you soon with a bunch of Revlon Gel Envys!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Polish Round-up

Welcome to Nail Juice's October polish round-up!

100's & 1000's is a baby pink crelly sprinkled with hundreds and thousands!

Forest Gleam is a forest green crelly filled with silver and gold glitter. 

Pale Gloom is a pale gold pastel filled with golden glimmer. 

Nostromo is a silver chrome filled with gold and copper flakes.

October's Juice Box contains four neon toppers. Benita, a baby blue and canary yellow topper. Elva, a sweet apricot orange with purple specks and watermelon dots. Frankie, a yummy melon green with periwinkle triangles. And lastly Lacie, a pastel blue and neon pink whirlwind!

See you next month with November's round up!