Friday, July 31, 2009

OPI Shorts Story

Hey! Good morning! This is just a quick post because I am supposed to be leaving in a few mintues and I didn't want to leave you deprived for a few days n_n

This is OPI's Shorts Story. My sister absolutley hates the name as it really makes no sense. Well of course you have 'short stories' and then this pink comes from a jeans/shorts collection... But really they make no connection.

Just two coats here. Extremely pigmented, could almost get away with one.

Have a good weekend!

Also... I chose Purple With A Purpose to wear to the 70's party tonight... Violet Fire is a little more painful to use lol.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OPI Shootout At The O.K. Coral

This was another one that OPI re-released for their Colorcopia collection, Shootout At The OK Coral.

Coral really is a stunning shade... just not on me. Mum has worn it about 100 times already, it just looks so bright and vibrant against her skin tone. It appears much more subtle on me.

I used just two coats here.

The formula was impeccable, nothing to complain about :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MAC Blushes!

I thought I'd do a little post on blushes :D

Pink Swoon:

-Gives me a nice natural looking (well as natural as you can get) flush of pink
-Is buildable, so you can have it as a sheer pink or make it a little more dramatic
-Is a part of MAC's main line


-Holy cow this is pigmented, just one swirl of my brush and its good. I then wiped my brush so I could 'buff' a little off. Perfect.
-Not in the main line
-Gives you a more cute and dramatic look rather than Pink Swoon

Warm Soul:

-This was my first blush. All I wore on my cheeks. Gives a nice golden glow and adds a little darkness as apposed to looking like i'm blushing with the pink ones.
-Warm Soul is a mineralize blush so it's got a bit of everything in it
-It is a part of MAC's main Minerlize Blush line

Essie Cute As A Button

This didn't get released too long ago and it is one of my all time favourites. If there are shades I can't live without it's; corals, peaches, mint greens, baby pinks, baby blues and of course bright versions of all those :P

I used just two coats here miraculously. For some reason when I do a real manicure with Cute As A Button I always need to do three... Weird.

There is already a considerable dent in my bottle. I have forgotten how many times I have worn it since I got it. Just love it!

Also when I gave my nana a manicure, I was wearing this shade and it is her favourite colour so she chose it too. She now wants a bottle for herself :)

The formula is alright. Nothing special. I would love it if it was thicker so I didn't need to do 3 coats. Maybe ridge filler could help? It is quite easy to guide it where to go though.

I am contemplating on ordering another... or two... I can see that I am just going to wear and wear and wear this all throughout summer and spring.

*1st swatch is the most accurate

Friday, July 24, 2009

OPI In My Back Pocket

Milo thought he would come and help me again. He's a very flamboyant boy, loves shoes, loves bags... loves all things girly :D haha.

Anyway, here we have OPI's In My Back Pocket again. Sans acrylics. I'll tell you what, I think that Qtica stuff is really working!

I used just two coats here.

The formula was good, but it would've worked better with a smaller brush. The brush was flat, bigger than my pinky. It wasn't flexible at all, very hard to get that polish close and rounded next to my cuticles when you have a boxy square brush.

A part from that, I love the colour. Reminds me of fruit juice- which I absolutely love. OPI did good here n_n

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MAC Snob

Welcome to my first make-up related post! :D I am so excited.

Here we have MAC's Snob. A not so nice name for a very nice shade of pink. Snob is a part of their main line.

I bought Snob on a whim just because it looked so sumptuous in the tube. I am a sucker for baby pinks and now that I am just getting into make-up is even worse >_< (for my wallet, I mean).

Snob is quite a versatile colour. You can wear it lightly, as I am in the photo or you can build it up easily just by pushing a little harder.

I used a basic lip balm underneath to help it flow on a little smoother. I am seriously considering the MAC lip treatment or the Lip Prep + Prime.

I was really thinking about getting rid of Snob but after trying it on today, it's a keeper! n_n

* I am NW15 in MAC for reference

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OPI Bay Bridge Sunset

This isn't a holo from OPI's main line. Bay Bridge Sunset was a part of their Yokohama collection released in only very few select countries.

I used two coats here. It is wonderfully pigmented, not the slightest bit sheer.

Not only is it a unique copper holographic shade - it has a golden duochrome! I love it. I will wear this one in summer for sure.

On a side note: Do you mind if make-up or fashion design related things are shown on here? They won't be as frequent as nail posts, but I do love make-up and fashion design and would love to share them with you n_n Get your thoughts on them too!

OPI My Private Jet

As you can see this is the holo version of My Private Jet, the original version. I think there are up to four different My Private Jet's now!

I used just two coats here so that is why it's still a little sheer in some places. Plus I didn't have a base coat on here. The sun was playing games today so I had to be quick! :D

I am not too fond of the formula in my one, it is quite runny almost watery. Ugh. Not that easy to use. I can't really compare to the newer more glitter like version because I don't think it has hit NZ's shores yet. There are holo MPJs in every store.

I'm not even too happy with the colour. Maybe I just need to wear it in Summer and Spring to get the full effect :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Color Club Fresh Mint

As my partner and I were walking around town we came across a nail salon and I saw OPIs on the wall so I asked if we could go have a look.

They had no really special OPIs but they had a whole heap of glitter Color Clubs. I chose Fresh Mint and Firelight but for some reason he slipped me Twinkle Peach and tried to sell that to me. I looked at it and said "Uh no, the one I ave you was called Firelight" he keeps saying "No, no, see it's the same!" He kept on pulling out all these Twinkle Peaches to show me. I couldn't believe it, so I decided just to get Fresh Mint. I am determined to get that Firelight! So my partner has said he will go in there again for me n_n

After all that, I was a little baffled by this shade. Where is it from? The only info I found was on a Japanese site with a few others that I saw and minis of other colours that were there.

Do you know anything about Fresh Mint? I have a feeling it may be a Japanese exclusive. Hmm...

I'll tell you one thing, Fresh Mint looks fantastic over Peppermint Patti!

OPI Kiss Of Peach

OPI Love Will Blossom

OPI I Love The Holidays

Claire's Meg Peg

Misa Tender Violette

Another grotty day in NZ... the base colour is accurate although there is some pretty purple shimmer that is missing. Why can't my camera pick up purple shimmer...

So this is three coats of Misa Tender Violette. I ordered this one knowing nothing of what it looked like apart from it's pretty lilac oval on TransDesign. Not very lilac-y looking... Pretty, but I don't think I will ever wear it.