Friday, July 10, 2009

OPI Venus Di Violet

I decided to post this now because if I don't it will just rot away in my posts page.

I really don't like this colour. I think if it had a little more colour to it, I would like it, but it's just like a nothing colour. Does nothing for me.

Then again it would be great for work or maybe a wedding? Nah, there are way better colours out there than Venus Di Violet. I do love my bright and bold colours though.

This is OPI's Venus Di Violet, re-released with their Colorcopia collection.

I used three coats here. I really didn't like the formula on this one. It was quite runny and gloopy but thick all at the same time. I wouldn't put up with this to do a whole manicure, I'm glad there were only four nails to do.

Maybe it's just too close to my skin tone? I think it could look nice on paler or darker skin than mine. It would stand out a lot more on those I think.

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