Friday, July 17, 2009

Zoya Hot Lips in Girly Girl and Shimmer!

Today was the first day I had ever tried Zoya's Hot Lips range.

I got Girly Girl, a very bright fuchsia with heaps of sparkle and Shimmer which is a baby pink with truckloads of shimmer. Seeing as my lip colours are usually a bright fuchsia, I decided its time to finally try something a little more 'sub-dued'.

They come in little squeezy tubes rather than hard ones like MAC offers (well they do have them jelly things...). It is a little difficult to squeeze it out at first, but once you have done that a couple of times you expect it and you forget all about it.

The applicator on Zoya Hot Lips varies. I think most are rounded knobs... my Girly Girl was but Shimmer was flat. So that made it a little difficult to apply. Something i'm just not used to i'm sure. I think it's all a learning curve with these Hot Lips if you haven't really tried anything like these :)

The lip gloss itself is actually very soft and you can hardly feel the glitter and shimmer in them. It spreads quite nicely and easily, I used my finger as I was running out the door as they arrived in the mail. It stays on for a very long time too! Which is always fantastic.

It is a little bit tacky as you first put it on, not as much as MACs though, and the tack sort of disappears as the day goes by. Which is quite awesome because with all the wind blowing around in winter your hair tends to fly into your nicely glossed lips. Didn't have that problem with Shimmer once the tackiness had subsided (which took about an hour).


I read on numerous blogs on how fantastic they smelled...............Mm, I really didn't like it. I think there is something wrong with me though, I can't wear perfumes because they give me headaches and same with those faux-fruit lollies... must be something in them? Anyway, thats what it smelled like to me, faux-fruit. I think Zoya is lucky that they didn't make it a very strong smell otherwise I would never touch them again.

The taste was just how they smelled, that weird fake-berry scent. I'm sure some people love it :) I much prefer how MACs lipglasses and lipsticks smell... sort of vanillary and caramely.

The price was reasonable I think. Not the cheapest lip gloss around but then again you are getting a wonderful product.

I'd give Zoya Hot Lips an 8/10. Would've been a straight 10/10 if the smell didn't give me a reminder not to move my head too fast. It made my lips feel so smooth the whole time I had it on, made them feel a little tiny bit plumped too n_n

* I will take sunlight photos of them when the sun comes out, also photos of them on!
* I compare Shimmer to MAC Posh It Up near the end (not really a comparison at all lol) and MAC Pink Poodle to Girly Girl

* New Zealand ladies can order them here, they retail for $20NZ

Have you tried the Hot Lips range before? What'd you think?

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