Saturday, July 4, 2009

Skittle Me Happy - Baby Pinks + Peaches

I think this is about the only thing that has gone right for me today... I managed to ruin the keyboard by spilling my hot chocolate all over it. For some reason when I pushed 'K', an '8' would appear beside it. So I pulled out the old keyboard lol.

Ok so whilst I had some sun before the storm, I managed to swatch a few comparisons.

From the pointer to the pinky:
OPI I Pink I Love You
OPI I'm OK, You're Bouquet!
OPI Blush Of Adrenaline
MAC Seasonal Peach

I Pink I Love You was three coats, a little iffy to apply without a base coat. Bouquet was beautiful in two. Adrenaline was beautiful in two as well, and Peach was a nightmare to apply without a ridge filler at 3 coats.

I love these shades together, makes me think... candies, clouds, cute little animals, bows, ribbons, sweet lolita, rainbows... everything girly and feminine.

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