Thursday, July 23, 2009

MAC Snob

Welcome to my first make-up related post! :D I am so excited.

Here we have MAC's Snob. A not so nice name for a very nice shade of pink. Snob is a part of their main line.

I bought Snob on a whim just because it looked so sumptuous in the tube. I am a sucker for baby pinks and now that I am just getting into make-up is even worse >_< (for my wallet, I mean).

Snob is quite a versatile colour. You can wear it lightly, as I am in the photo or you can build it up easily just by pushing a little harder.

I used a basic lip balm underneath to help it flow on a little smoother. I am seriously considering the MAC lip treatment or the Lip Prep + Prime.

I was really thinking about getting rid of Snob but after trying it on today, it's a keeper! n_n

* I am NW15 in MAC for reference

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