Saturday, July 18, 2009

QTICA Natural Nail Growth Stimulator - Day 1

I got all excited reading that Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator gives you quarter of an inch (0.635cm) growth in just two weeks.

That is quite a lot of nail in a short span of time. Let's test it!

It flows on so beautifully smooth. It is a lot thinner than most treatment base coats I have come across. The brush is lovely, no bushy bristles here, not looking at you OPI >_>.

Well yesterday was day 1 and I wore Qtica alone. It started peeling off my tips but I have found that most base coats do that if you wear them alone. So I redid Qtica and put Starbright Sparkles II on top along with a thin coat of Poshe.


So we start off day 1 with a coat of Qtica, a colour you can stand for a week and a thin coat of top coat. You are supposed to add another layer of Qtica on top of your mani every 2-3 days. See why i'm doing thin and sheer colours? I don't wanna have bulky nails once the week ends :D Although Qtica is quite thin so you may not even have to :)

Me and mum will both be using it for two weeks to compare results.

After I have put it on, it feels a little tingly... like a much softer version (and less annoying) of pins and needles in my finger tips. I quite like that, makes me feel like somethings working. Whether it is or not... we will see in two weeks!

DAY 1:

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