Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Dream Polish.... *sigh* ♥

Sooo many photo's I know.... but isn't it to die for?!

I just wanted to show you all the angles, sunlight, shade, closeups etc. hehe :D This would be my number one polish of all times, I would buy twenty bottles, just because it is so pretty to look at. Twirling it in the sunlight, looking at all the pretty sparkles and luscious pink shimmer... This polish only exists in my dreams and when layered.

I guess you want to know what polishes were used? The base colour was OPI's getting HTF, Make Love... at three coats to achieve complete opacity. Then I used one of my favourite Yokohama's, Starbright Sparkles II. I used two coats of SBSII.

I really did not want to take this off, but FIVE coats does not dry so quickly and of course got damaged and dented :( At least I have photographs!!!

Imagine this coming out for a Valentines collection? I'd be in Nail Polish heaven.

Here is the effect Starbright Sparkles II gives Make Love, it has a little bit of white in it's base so it creates a lighter baby pink. It has a beautiful pink shimmer which is noticeable over Make Love, and it has little sparkly glitter pieces scattered throughout. Just adding that little bit of 'pizazz' ♥

Oh I need to franken!!

And of course, if you know of any polish similar to this, please please please let me knoooow~!

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