Sunday, July 26, 2009

Essie Cute As A Button

This didn't get released too long ago and it is one of my all time favourites. If there are shades I can't live without it's; corals, peaches, mint greens, baby pinks, baby blues and of course bright versions of all those :P

I used just two coats here miraculously. For some reason when I do a real manicure with Cute As A Button I always need to do three... Weird.

There is already a considerable dent in my bottle. I have forgotten how many times I have worn it since I got it. Just love it!

Also when I gave my nana a manicure, I was wearing this shade and it is her favourite colour so she chose it too. She now wants a bottle for herself :)

The formula is alright. Nothing special. I would love it if it was thicker so I didn't need to do 3 coats. Maybe ridge filler could help? It is quite easy to guide it where to go though.

I am contemplating on ordering another... or two... I can see that I am just going to wear and wear and wear this all throughout summer and spring.

*1st swatch is the most accurate

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