Monday, August 31, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - Purple Palazzo Pants

Purple Palazzo Pants is from OPI's Venice collection released for Fall/Winter 2015. This is one of those tricky shades that are right in between colours, Palazzo being right on the cusp of purple and pink. This means that depending on the undertones in your skin colour, Palazzo will either lean more pink or more purple. With my yellow undertones it shows its more purple side. I adore these pink/purple/mauve shades and am finding myself forever crafting them when mixing polishes. The formula is just fabulous and only needs two thin coats for full coverage.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - Tiramisu For Two

Tiramisu for Two is from OPI's latest collection, Venice. Anybody who knows me knows that nudes are one of my absolute favourite shades to wear. Nude shades always look so crisp, clean, fresh, and are appropriate for every occasion. The formula is absolutely fantastic on this one, only needing two thin coats for coverage. Tiramisu reminds me of the three nude shades that came out with their Japanese collection a few years ago.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - A Great Opera-tunity

A Great Opera-tunity is from OPI's Venice collection for Fall/Winter 2015. This is the perfect salmon shade every collection needs! It goes on so incredibly smooth and only needs two thin coats for full coverage. What I like most about Opera-tunity is that it's an all year-round shade. I also like that it just has that little bit of punch to it that stops it from being a 'my nails but better' shade.

Monday, August 24, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - I Cannoli Wear OPI

I Cannoli Wear OPI is from OPI's Venice collection. Cannoli is a very light blue toned white/grey. It's formula is nice and thick and gives complete opacity at two coats. It makes for a great base colour for nail art! I will be using this one heaps for my nail art projects.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 - O Suzi Mio

O Suzi Mio is from OPI's most recent collection inspired by Venice. This shade is a glorious deep purple totally opaque in two thin coats. The formula was perfection. It is dark enough to look 'just dark' in certain lights, but is fairly obviously purple in the daylight. Dark purples are an all time favourite of mine, so it's an instant hit with me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nail Juice - Retired Shades Pt. 2

Nail Juice Queen of Peace - a soft peach with golden sheen.

Nail Juice Jewel Turquoise - a sparkly blue glitter topper.

Nail Juice Ship to Wreck - a soft pastel green with golden sheen.

Nail Juice Jewel Violet - a sparkly purple glitter topper.

Nail Juice Crimson Butterfly - a black with red, garnet, and gold glitters.

Nail Juice It's Not Over - fiery glitter topper.

Nail Juice Hades - a blackened blue with iridescent glitters.

Nail Juice Use It Well - a sparkly silver glitter topper.

Nail Juice Never Let Go - a purple that turns lavender when warm.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nail Juice - Retired Shades Pt. 1

Nail Juice Elixir - a white crelly that turns a soft blue in the sunlight.

Nail Juice Dulcet - a soft pink crelly that turns a bold purple in the sunlight.

Nail Juice Ethereal - a glittery green that turns a soft turquoise when warm.
Nail Juice Dalliance - a bright purple crelly that turns bright pink when warm.

Nail Juice First Day of Summer - a delicate cream jelly filled with pastel coloured glitter.

Nail Juice NSFW - a neon pastel filled with pink and red glitter.

Nail Juice Harvest Moon - an earthy brown crelly sprinkled with brown, copper, and green glitter.

Nail Juice Lila - a soft pink jelly with chunky pink and purple glitter.

Nail Juice Scintilla - a glittery peach that turns to a lighter, whiter peach when warm.

Nail Juice Hades - a blackened blue with iridescent glitters.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample Sheet - Subtle

Jamberry is releasing in Australia and New Zealand on October the 1st. With having loved the nail wrap designs, I gave the sample sheet a try! This is one side of the sheet, what I call the 'subtles'. This side of the sheet came with a zebra print, plaid, nude to white ombre, black and white floral, as well as a clear/white striped design.

The wraps are fairly easy once you have your system in place of getting them on. I highly recommend doing some research online first because there are so many different ways of applying them. I used tweezers, a hair dryer, and a small plastic baggie. This method was fairly easy and pain free. Although it is time consuming, I made sure to do it while I was doing other stuff on my computer. I will post a tutorial later this week.

What I really liked was how it doesn't need to dry like polish, so I was able to do little jobs here and there when I needed without worrying about messing up my nails. However in saying that, the sticky side of the wrap does need time to set. I've seen people recommend doing your wraps before bed as this gives the wraps ample time to set. Otherwise they can come off or lift quite easily when in contact with water.

Another point to note is that because the wraps come presized, you may need to trim them down, or simply deal with the inaccurate sizes.

My favourite part of the Jamberry wraps are the designs. They are just simply beautiful. I also especially loved the clear ones, like the white stripes on my ring finger here. This means that you can have a negative space mani (showing your bare nail underneath), or you can layer them over a different wrap or polish to create an interesting look.

Other Jamberry look
Jamberry NZ/Aus

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nail Art - Neon Spike

The Look:
This look starts of with two coats of Haze to create our neon purple base colour. Then, with my dotting tool I place small amounts of base coat around the base of each nail. I picked up the spikes with my dotting tool and placed them in a formation on three on each nail. I then sealed the design with my top coat.

Products Used:

  • Orly Bonder base coat
  • Nail Juice Haze
  • Out the Door top coat
  • Black spikes
  • Dotting tool

Black spikes
Nail Juice Haze