Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nail Juice - Retired Shades Pt. 1

Nail Juice Elixir - a white crelly that turns a soft blue in the sunlight.

Nail Juice Dulcet - a soft pink crelly that turns a bold purple in the sunlight.

Nail Juice Ethereal - a glittery green that turns a soft turquoise when warm.
Nail Juice Dalliance - a bright purple crelly that turns bright pink when warm.

Nail Juice First Day of Summer - a delicate cream jelly filled with pastel coloured glitter.

Nail Juice NSFW - a neon pastel filled with pink and red glitter.

Nail Juice Harvest Moon - an earthy brown crelly sprinkled with brown, copper, and green glitter.

Nail Juice Lila - a soft pink jelly with chunky pink and purple glitter.

Nail Juice Scintilla - a glittery peach that turns to a lighter, whiter peach when warm.

Nail Juice Hades - a blackened blue with iridescent glitters.


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