Saturday, May 30, 2009

O.P.I Bottle Spam!

Crap! So sorry guys, I won't be here at 12. Shall we try for 8pm (my time)?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's Grow!

Seeing as there were quite of few of you who would like to participate in a nail growth programme, I decided to make a banner for it in the midst of cleaning my sty of a room :D

Here's what you will need to get started:
  • Some sort of treatment/strengthening base coat suited to your nails e.g. peely, splitting.
  • A file. But not one of them really thin ones that comes in a pack of ten or a cardboardy type one. Glass/crystal files are really awesome!
  • Some polishes that you know you love and never let you down.
  • Determination to get them looking beautiful.
  • An account for MSN, add and if you are able to send a message with the invitation to add me put something like you want to join the Let's Grow! programme. If you forget, that's ok :)
  • A camera (optional) so we can see your progress!
Here's what will happen:
  • We will have weekly meetings. I will try and figure out which day works out best for everyone and what time. I know the timezones will probably be a big issue so we may have to do another day as well for when I can be up in the morning n_n
  • We can help eachother out :D Especially when you bit that nail and hate yourself for it (been there a million times)
  • We can talk about what products are and aren't working for us.
  • Make a goal for you.
Shall we try and make a meeting for tomorrow at 12pm (my time, lunchtime)? Just to sort out who's doing it and what you want to achieve ♥


S - Pick Me Up Purple, originally uploaded by Steph NJ.

Is this picture inspiration to grow my nails again or what? lol.

At the moment, my nails are all higgidly-piggidly lengths, short as possible, some straight as a ruler, some rounded, gel in patches all over them, scratches all over the nail plate, so short that the corners of my nails hurt when I knock them, filed to the extreme, buffed to the extreme.

I can feel every millimetre of base coat when I put it on, that's how thin they are *shudder* it gives me goosebumps.

I've just been looking through my flickr photos, missing my pretty nails... at least they keep on growin' n_~

Any nail biters or shorties who want to join me on the way to long, healthy nails? I could sort of sort out some sort of programme of nail care and we could email or IM every week or so? Sounds a little strange, but I think it'd be nice :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Color Club Pure Energy

"The Snake Behind Me Hisses"

Lets finish on a bang!

I absolutley adore this shade. I could wear it for the rest of my days. I could order 50 million bottles just to look at it *dreamy sigh*

I bet you can already guess which polish this is eh. Pure Energy. Three coats here, it's a little sheer but builds up nicely.

You can't stop looking can you?

Well when you do, i'd like you to tell me which song this is please :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RBL Square Pants

"Put Me Somewhere I Don't Wanna Be, Seeing Someplace I Don't Wanna See, Never Wanna See That Place Again"

I think I saved all my really favourite songs for last hehe.

Here is Bikini Bottoms counterpart, Square Pants.

I was also not too keen on it, but looking at the photos now... what was wrong with me?! Maybe i'm just lusting after my nails lol.

I used three coats here. Sqaure Pants doesn't really need a ridgefiller like Bikini Bottom.

I'm pretty impressed with Rescue Beuaty Lounge, but they aren't any better than all my other polishes. I think I also read somewhere that all RBL polishes need to be wearable at two coats to wear the RBL name. Don't quote me on that, but these two certainly don't qualify.

Aaaaaaaaand GO!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RBL Bikini Bottom

"Rest Your Trigger On My Finger"

My boyfriend chose this lyric, so i thought I should pair it with a colour he liked n_n

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bikini Bottom. It was from a collection of three shades based off Spongebob Squarepants. There was also a yellow and a peach.

I really was not liking this the first time around that I tried it. It went on uneven and the polish gathered at the sides. So I then tried it over Zoya's Get Even (ridgefiller) and look at it now! :D

I really want to make some white bows out of acrylic and put it on top of Bikini Bottom...

What song is this from?!