Friday, May 8, 2009

Tattoos on my hands.... do I or don't I?

Well one of the girls from my class was thinking about getting another tattoo and she had this huge book full of them. None of them really appealed to me... but once I got thinking about it through the day, I thought about things that would have meaning to me, not just something out of a book.

So now I'm really excited. I want to have smallish tattoos on top of my hands running up to my wrist, maybe a little further.

I asked on MUA if they would be offended if they would be creeped out if they went to get a manicure and that lady hand tattoos on her hands. Most responses were no.

But my parents think they're awful and keep telling me to think about what they'll look like when I'm 70. But what about all of those beautiful years in between then and now? All of those days that I will get to admire them, all of those days that I will be encouraged to be creative and reminded of my favourite memories? I think some people fail to see that side of it.

What do you guys think? Do you think it would lessen my chances to get a job? Would people see it as something disgusting?

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