Friday, May 29, 2009


S - Pick Me Up Purple, originally uploaded by Steph NJ.

Is this picture inspiration to grow my nails again or what? lol.

At the moment, my nails are all higgidly-piggidly lengths, short as possible, some straight as a ruler, some rounded, gel in patches all over them, scratches all over the nail plate, so short that the corners of my nails hurt when I knock them, filed to the extreme, buffed to the extreme.

I can feel every millimetre of base coat when I put it on, that's how thin they are *shudder* it gives me goosebumps.

I've just been looking through my flickr photos, missing my pretty nails... at least they keep on growin' n_~

Any nail biters or shorties who want to join me on the way to long, healthy nails? I could sort of sort out some sort of programme of nail care and we could email or IM every week or so? Sounds a little strange, but I think it'd be nice :)

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