Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Becoming A Nail Tech - Part... whatever I'm up to

I needed to make another post... because I typed Dally in the morning and it feels like I haven't done anything today for NJ hehe.

So todays lesson:

We learned the structure of the nail. Sounds simple, wasn't so simple.

First my tutor got us to play Snakes & Ladders to try and learn all the bits and pieces and their meanings/functions. (It was life size, so people were the markers lol) We were screaming out the answers, not getting many right. So she thought, this way wasn't working for us, so she switched to where we had to write down a part... example, Nail Wall. On a piece of paper then screw it up and throw it anywhere in the room! Next we had to write its function and do the same.

So we were all scrambling round the room picking up very screwed up pieces of paper off the floor trying to find the matching papers. It was quite fun and we learned it that way :D I really like how my tutor tries different ways of teaching us.

We are beginning nail wraps (fibre-glass) tomorrow... should be interesting! I think my sister wants her nails done.. not sure though. Well I better clean-up my Custom Kicks mani with Watermelon slices and then find a client for tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening/night/morning/midday!

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