Monday, May 11, 2009

"I Know The Pieces Fit, Because I Watched Them Fall Away"

I really loved this manicure and was so sad that I wasn't able to take pretty photos of it. Stupid night time.

What did I use?
  • Color Club Where's The Soiree?
  • China Glaze Devotion
  • Little silver nail art balls
  • Holo hexagons
Firstly I applied two coats of Soiree, then applied a little dab of OPI's Rapi-Dry (mini form) on the middle of my tip, dipped my dotting tool into the Rapidry brush and picked up the hexagon and placed it accodingly.

Then I continued to do that for each silver ball. They are not connected, do not be confused ;)

Tell me!
What song are these lyrics from!?

The song:

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