Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The doofus within me has struck again >:( I forgot to schedule Tool posts for you lovelies.

Don't worry, posts will be made on Saturday and Sunday to consolidate the loss of Monday and Tuesdays!

At the moment, I'm racking my brains as how to make $300 for a new phone. Seems a bit wasteful at the moment, but I'm 18 and have no major goals at the moment (like a car) other than to get a job in a salon in 6 or 7 weeks time :D I'm getting my $1000 acrylic kit tomorrow I think, so hopefully I could make some quick cash that way!

Also! A big lovely thank-you to Ronna over at Sterling Nails!

We were doing a swap and she included 8 other polishes! Some real oldies too :D Thank-you so much Ronna, really made my day! I have already worn Shorts Story and I love it. Now I have to make mine as equally awesome n_n; Mum has already exhausted every excuse as to why I don't like Greenwich Green and that I should give it to her haha ♥

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