Monday, May 4, 2009

Revisited: Revvvolution

Ok, third time around, I think my photos are finally good enough! :D

This was two coats of Color Club's Revvvolution. Released recently, it is available from H2T and 8ty8 for $2.50US. Cheap as chips. Actually, those would be quite expensive chips haha.

Mum advised me to hold my hand down a bit to show the holographic Revvv has, the direct sun sorta washes it out.

Today I had to do a Pedicure in the morning and a Manicure in the afternoon. My boyfriend was the client for both sessions.

He wanted me to paint his toes, I asked him about ten times to make sure that he was sure. He had chosen Claire's Rocker Blues. Then when I had to do a manicure, he wanted the 'Tool' mani... but his nails were a little too short to fit both designs (nail biter) so we altered it a bit.

He chose Devotion as the base colour, Konad's black and blue for the swooshy design. It looked really cool, so I'm going to use it as one of my nail art designs for May Music Month :D (He was a little upset that I hadn't mentioned his first manicure and pedicure :P)

Anyway, enjoy Revvvolution!

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