Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Look at: Kleancolor Chunky Purple Holo

You can imagine my surprise finding these in New Zealand! I always knew about the Kleancolor display at Postie, but it always has such boring colours. But yesterday... Yesterday, something amazing happened!

Chunky Holo Purple. Tons of them. I couldn't believe it! And to make things even better, the sign said "Two for $6". THREE DOLLARS EACH?! 

They are $4 each if you wish not to buy two. Needless to say, I bought two bottles.

They also had another one from their Chunky Holo line. I can't quite remember it's name, but it was a bright coral/orange/pink. It had the same kind of sheer base with this sort of glitter, but it wasn't duochrome at all in the bottle. I decided to leave that one behind.

But before I purchased them, I remembered all the bad things people say about how Kleancolors smell! I opened up the bottle and took a whiff. It didn't seem that strong to me. It just smelt like nail polish. I got the boyfriend to sniff it too (we must have looked like absolute nutters in the store, debating the smell of a nail polish, taking several whiffs), he didn't think the smell was overwhelming either.

There is somebody selling these on TradeMe for $10 each. I have been seriously considering them each week, but now that I know they are $3 each, what a rip.

As soon as I got home, I whipped out a tip with OPI Sapphire in the Snow out and chucked a few coats of chunky purple holo on top. This was 4 coats.

I'm still in shock about actually seeing these in New Zealand, for less than $10. 

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