Thursday, February 19, 2009

NJ Update!

Hello :D Hope your day is going well!

Thank you to those who have been voting in the little poll up in
the corner and LOL to those people who have voted for 486739876
posts a day XD

Here today in NZ, the storm has finally come so no new NOTD pics
today :) But I do have a few stored away.

Ok I have had requests for a tutorial on how to use a normal image
for the konads, and how I file my nails. I am going to get onto those
when the sun comes out :D So hopefully this weekend!

Please don't be afraid to ask for a tutorial of something, I am always
willing to help you out n_n

The V-day contests have no closed and I will post the winner later on
today. She will be receiving 6 new polishes! A special thanks to Zoya.

Hmm what else... I think that is all for today :D  

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