Saturday, May 14, 2011

Color Club Soft As Cashmere

Here we have Color Club's Soft as Cashmere. A delicate mousey taupe. 

I really love this colour, I don't have anything quite like it. I did think Essie's Chinchilly might be similar but Cashmere is a lot greener. I just looked through my Essie posts and see that I haven't reviewed that one yet... I have mid-semester break coming up shortly so I will catch up on everything then :)

Application was alright. It was a little bit watery on first coat. I did need three coats to get complete coverage, I think it might have needed a little shake before hand though.

My mum loved Cashmere, but then again she loves any polishes knitting related :P

She tried it on and while it still looked nice on her, it looked completely different to how it looked on me. It looked more grey than mousey-taupe on her. She does have more red tones in her skin.

Soft as Cashmere is from Untamed Luxury Indulgence. The whole collection is so pretty and very winter. They will be coming very shortly. I'm visiting my friend today because she wants to have a play with OPI's Black Shatter but I will most definitely be taking this collection around too!

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