Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color Club Ready To Royal

As you may have noticed, Nail Juice has a bit of a new look! :) I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Tonight I have Ready To Royal to show you. Royal's a beautiful deep purple creme. I'm sure if Queens and Princesses had the nail polish we have today, this is definitely a colour they would wear!

I used two coats here. The first coat gives you a really nice vibrant purple but it turns super dark on the next coat. Royal has a really nice formula which I found was consistent through-out the Untamed Luxury Indulgence.

I've always wanted a really dark purple creme but for some reason always chickened out at the last minute. But after trying Ready to Royal, it's now one of my new all-time favourites for sure. 

You can buy the pack of Untamed Luxury Indulgence for $59NZD from USA Nails Online. $8.40 a polish isn't that bad at all! They also have Alter Ego and Starry Temptress. I cannot wait to see Starry Temptress, I think it's one of the collections I am anticipating seeing the most this year!

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