Thursday, May 5, 2011

Essie Nice is Nice

Oh my gosh I have been trying to post this for days! But blogger keeps freezing on me. Today it finally it let me upload the photos :D

I was humming and harring for quite a while, trying to decide whether to get Nice is Nice or Lilacism. 

Nice is Nice definitely has more red in it, making it more violet where as Lilacism has the blue in it making it lavender. 

I am thinking maybe I should have gone with Lilacism. I think Nice is Nice is too pink for my liking. It reminded me of three other polishes I have which I have pictured at the end of the post. OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, OPI Panda-monium Pink and Orly Lollipop. Nice is Nice definitely has that little bit more purple/blue in it compared to those three though but they are definitely all from the same family. 

I didn't have any issues with the formula. Just typical Essie. I used two coats here, fairly good coverage all though it could go streaky if you do your coats too thin.

I absolutely adore the colour but I am not sure if it is right for my colourings.

These three spring to mind being imilar.

Lucky Lucky Lavender
Panda-monium Pink

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