Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I found a little stash of polishes at a chemist in Whangamata, they were only $6.90 so I bought the dark red vampy. I thought it might not be that good, but it turned out that it is better than some of my OPI's...

It has no name or recognisable number on it, so it's just called Sax. The brand is Sax Nails, this is the only colour that only really stood out to me, there was another that looked very similar to a Yokohama of mine. Might have to pick that one up next time, all the others were boring sheers. Not even shimmery glimmery sheers!

Back to Sax, this is four coats. I think you need four because it is a jelly (woohoo jelly vampy!!) and you can see your tips very clearly on 1st, 2nd and 3rd coats.

The application was to die for. It applied like Misa and Zoya, like glass butter. Oh this photo is without top coat, look how glassy it is!!

Sax really is beautiful, I wish I knew more about them.

Just a quick update on the NFU-OH's, I wasn't able to visit them while on holiday because they were closed until the 12th of January. So I thought I might just order them instead :D It is so hard to choose out of all of them!

EDIT: Just found Sax's site, apparently they are only available in Australia... Nixxy! Have you seen these babies around?

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