Monday, March 23, 2009

NJ Chicklet!

Weehee! My first franken, Chicklet.

I am so happy with how this turned out. I really want a baby chicken yellow... so I bribed my sister with Done Out In Deco for her bottle of The "It" Color, she happily accepted as she has never worn the yellow. I used this yellow before for the Loco Rocos n_n

This is three coats of Chicklet over a ridge filler as it was quite streaky and a little jelly-ish.

Here's what I used:
OPI The "It" Color
Zoya Gaia
Zoya Snow White
Mode Top Coat

So obviously the yellow OPI was the base colour, and I poured out the polish I didn't want into an empty beer bottle. Looks so cool dripping down the sides...I then poured in about 1/5th of Gaia (a sheerish white with gold shimmer) mixed it all up. This was nice as it gave the yellow some gold shimmer, but did nothing colour-wise.

Then I poured out some polish and added the clear topcoat to make it a little jelly-ish. Mixed it all up, then poured some more out to add Snow White, an opaque white creme to get the shade of yellow I wanted.

And repeat that about 100 times until you get the shade you are after :D I know there are other methods... Which I will have to try, also some eyeshadow pigments like Nixxy has recently done n_n

In Glassons today, the girl serving me was like "OMG YOU HAVE YELLOW NAILS! Where'd you get that from?" Me: "Oh I mixed it last night n_n" Her: "Wow that is so cool!" *runs off to tell the other worker* Lol it was nice to have it complimented on by a complete stranger :)

What do you think? I made it to match the little chicken/ducks on my dress n_n

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