Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frankens I've Been Working On

These are some frankens I've been mucking around with recently. I'm so bored at my little apartment. Can't wait to move to somewhere bigger! 

Plus I think it'll be with my sister, who is also a bit of a nail polish fanatic. You wouldn't believe the amount of gold she has in her stash! She's sort of kept all the ones me and mum have got rid of over the years...of course we kind of want them back now haha... :(

Just a close-up of the grungy black.
Close-up of the bluey-purple.
Close up of the more holo-y purple.
Now, none of these have names. Yet. Although i'm not really too sure if I love them all that much...

I've used Sinful UFO, Color Club Magic Attraction, Sinful Daddy's Girl, Sinful Nail Junkie, OPI Black Onyx, Australis Blue Tiger, Essie Sexy Divide... that's all I can remember lol.

Just thought I'd show you them :)

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