Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late

Curry Up! Don't Be Late is from OPI's Summer collection, India, from 2008. The India collection is my absolute favourite that OPI has done. This was right when I was getting into nail polish. You could say Curry Up was one of my first loves!

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late in two coats.
I think this is my original bottle that I bought in 2008, although my sister is now the proud owner of it (she has been for sometime now). It looks amazing on toes in the summer time! Well, any time really. 

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late in two coats.
My sister kindly let me swatch this, usually she only lets mum and I swatch on one finger lol, so I am very privileged!

The formula of Curry Up could be better, it's a little bit runny and does need a bit of care applying. It is also a little bit streaky but that seems to dissipate once a top coat is applied.

OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late in two coats.
I still love Curry Up to bits, I really should get a bottle of my own. It is a stunning gold polish. I hope OPI brings something out quite similar but with a better formula. I shall remain hopeful.

Bonus Cat Photo!
This is my cat, Bells (Bella). For some reason, she was following me around all day, I fed her breakfast and everything but she kept following me around sitting next to me. I wasn't too sure what she wanted from me... Usually she's very 'vocal' and lets you know what she wants. She still has her flash collar though, it's silver with diamantes all around it :)

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