Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NFUOh 050

This is one of NFUOhs plain flakie polishes. If you love shimmer, duochrome or glitter, you have to try these polishes out! The purple base colour doesn't really show, I have tried it over a baby blue and it made no difference to the blue whatsoever. Maybe if you did like, 10 coats, then it might start to do something.

NFUOh 050 with one coat over black
I really wanted to try it over black. When I had finished the first coat of 50, I almost didn't want to add another. Doesn't it look stunning? It looks like fish scales or what I imagine a mermaids tail to be made of.

NFUOh 050 with one coat over black
I think what's so great about these polishes is that because there are different sized flakies in the polish, it really sort of looks like the flakes are floating and that they have a depth to them, rather than looking flat on the nail.

What else is awesome is, like I said in an earlier post, these flakies look amazing in any light. They change with the time of day, the weather, the situation, they're just AWESOME.

NFUOh 050 with two coats over black
I managed to stop staring at my nails long enough to apply a second coat. It's just as lovely. Imagine if you did 5 coats or 10 coats?! Mermaid tail?!

In the bright sunlight 50 shows you more of her bright green and aqua side. In the shade you get to see more of the blue duochrome on the sides and overall depending on what angle your nails are on.

NFUOh 050 with two coats over black
I noticed at night time in my apartment, under artificial lighting, that you get to see the bright blue a lot more than you do in natural light. Also if the artificial lighting isn't direct on your nails, you even get to see ultra-violet/cobalt blue shine. This nail polish is so flippin' cool!

NFUOh 50 over black, matte
I tried Matte About You over the top just to see what it'd look like. It's nice but you lose that floating/depth feeling, it looks more flat.

I wish I had picked up a few more bottles of this. I'm not sure if they were on clearance or not, but it was cheap as chips!

More NFUOh reviews coming shortly!

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