Thursday, July 21, 2011

OPI DS Couture

This is Couture from OPI's older Designer Series line. They were once upon a time only holos like this, but for some reason they decided to scrap them and make barely holo/shimmery polishes instead.

Just two coats here. The formula is sublime. So smooth and you get a lot of coverage for just a little amount of polish. 

Couture is a funny colour. It looks pink, red and sometimes a bit coral-y. 

I think they changed their Designer Series line a couple of years ago. However, they are quite pricey in stores so there are a lot still around to be found. I've been to a salon that has just about all of the older ones but they're $42! Who in their right mind would pay that?! I'm going to keep looking around.

It wasn't terribly sunny when I took these photos, but if it looks like this when it's overcast, imagine it in the full blown sunlight!

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