Sunday, January 15, 2012

Comparison: Wild and Willing vs. Pros and Bronze

When Pros and Bronze was first released, it never occurred to me that there would be something already out there like it. We hardly ever get rose gold duochromey foils! But Pros has a very close relative... Color Club's Wild and Willing.

Wearing: Pros and Bronze on pinky and middle, Wild and Willing on ring and pointer.

When looking at the bottles, you can find definite differences but once on the nail... it gets a little bit more tricky. This is both two coats of each shown here. Wild and Willing is a bit finer and has a green sheen. Pros and Bronze's pieces are a bit bigger and more sparse.

Wearing: Pros and Bronze on pinky and middle, Wild and Willing on ring and pointer.

They both share a lot of the same characteristics. They both turn gold when not in direct light. You also get more of a copper or pink shine when inside with different light sources. Wild shines green as well.

Pros and Bronze is a Serena Williams polish and is limited edition. Pretty easy to find at the moment, as is Wild and Willing. Wild was released a little while ago but it seems to be easy to find in chemists or online.

Really it all depends on what kind of foil you like and how many colours you like to see :)

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