Friday, February 12, 2010

BYS Kung Fu Blue

This was my first Valentine inspired mani, not very inspired at all actually lol. I will be doing one tonight though for Valentines tomorrow :D

I'm not too sure what this colour has to do with Kung Fu...

I used two coats of BYS Kung Fu Blue. What a beautiful shade. I have worn it so many times since I got it.

The formula is pretty good, a little on the thick side though so you may want to thin it down a little.

One thing that bothers me about BYS polishes though are their smell. It smells like... I want to say petrol but it can't be since I love that lol. Smells... car related. Like some old seats in a car smell sometimes. Ugh.

I wash my hands a few times to try and get rid of it and it eventually fades.

Other than that I love Kung Fu Blue!

At the end of the post I received a new paint pot in the mail, Otherworldly. It is so amazing. It was a part of the collection where MAC teamed up with Alexander McQueen. RIP.

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