Monday, October 12, 2009

Becoming A Make-Up Artist: Day 3 - Girl Gets Severely Attacked in Alley Way

Today we got to play with Special Effects!

It all seemed a bit intimidating at first but then once we had a big play around and experimented with everything it was good fun.

I took some photos with my phone but they turned out crap, so camera everyday to school from now on!

Our tutor decided that in the afternoon we would pair up with another couple from the other make-up class and create a scenario with a victim. So we decided that our victim would be brutally attacked in an alley way. She had cuts and bruises, black eyes, broken knuckles, grazes, swollen hands, the whole shebang.

Some of the other scenarios were:

  • A boy was hanging out in the woods and he got attacked by a werewolf then he was starting to turn into one.
  • A girl was trying to do a 'deal' but it didn't go down well so she tried to make a run for it but the other girl beat her up really good. The victim had massive grazes, cuts, bruises all over the show.
  • What was another one... Oh yeah, she was in a car crash and went flying head first I think. She had glass in all of her cuts which was quite clever.

It was a lot of fun learning how to make these things and playing with fake blood. Tomorrow we will be learning about skin care, skin types and doing patch tests to see if we are all ok with the chemicals we will be using.

So far so good! Who knew becoming a make-up artist would be so adventurous.

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