Saturday, October 24, 2009

MAC Baby Goth Girl

I would firstly like to aplogise for the lack of posts! It's been quite hard to get on the computer lately and when I could, Blogger was having problems T_T But here we are! With
MAC's Baby Goth Girl.
I don't really understand the name that much but who cares it's a beautiful, special and unique shade. So special it's pretty hard to capture with my camera.

Baby Goth Girl is opaque in two coats. The formula has a nice quality to it, neither thin nor thick and I just love black based polishes with sparkles.

Baby Goth Girl is black based with purple, maroon and pink fine shimmer that has its duochrome moments when it turns gold and orange. She also has orange flakies scrattered throughout.

MAC's Style Black collection has been pretty popular so I reckon you should jump at the chance to grab this one if it sounds like a bit of you :D

Coming up shortly I have MAC's Nude Rose lipstick and lipstick comparisons, MAC's Dazzleglass Perfectly Unordinary and a whole heap more!

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